Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Create custom kitchen counters, dining table tops and bar tops out of any of our reclaimed wood products or new wood options. You can have our solid wood tops cut to any dimension to fit a variety of woodworking projects.

Wood Top Collections

Incorporate reclaimed wood countertops into your kitchen remodel, or even add a unique bathroom vanity top to your home! Whatever your DIY project needs, we will glue, sand and cut to size any countertop, bar top or island top to your design specifications. We can also shape your wood top with a variety of edges. Whether homeowners are looking for rustic wood kitchen countertops or a refined, ultra-modern black walnut top for a dining room table, we have the ability to create most any design idea desired. Our reclaimed wood countertops also provide additional character to any project, including nail holes, knots, and general wear. We offer multiple surfaces such as antiqued, wire brushed, hand planed and hand hewn. And rest assured that these reclaimed barn wood countertops are food-safe, too! Please give us a call if you have any specific questions about our solid wood countertop materials.

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Reclaimed and Hardwood Tops

Reclaimed Oak Wood Tops

Reclaimed oak countertops are a unique spin on the classic butcher block countertops that have been trending across the nation. While new wood countertops are an excellent choice to add as an interior design feature, rustic wood countertops have one-of-a-kind characteristics that offer a special centerpiece to any room. Not looking for a full kitchen remodel? These repurposed wood slabs are also ideal for a kitchen island top, table tops or bar tops. Prized for its durability and attractive grain pattern, our collection of prefinished original rustic, brushed and smooth surfaced reclaimed oak delights all the senses. We have a mix of red oak and white oak wood species to choose from to fit your design aesthetic. Give this old wood a new life in your home or business!

If you have any questions about our reclaimed wood table tops, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Reclaimed Heart Pine Wood Tops

Heart pine is literally the wood that built America. One of our most popular woods, reclaimed heart pine wood tops are sought after for the rich gold, orange-red and pumpkin tones derived from the heart of the southern yellow pine species. The wood at the center of the tree (the sapwood) is a creamier, pinkish-tan, while the wood at the outer growth rings are dark, dense and very conspicuous. Derived from the ‘Heart’ of the southern yellow pine trunk, it is the heaviest and hardest softwood in the world and is excellent for any application. Whether you’re looking for a wood tabletop to feature in a home or business, or a new wooden countertop addition, this heart pine wood fits seamlessly into many interior design genres. 

If you have any questions about our reclaimed heart pine wood tops, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Reclaimed Elm Wood Tops

The long, straight grain of elm makes it the perfect choice for creating a clean look for longer surfaces. Our elm wood tops come in two hues: Antique Elm brings the lighter, reddish tones of the natural wood out, while Spice produces a darker hue with subtle red undertones. Both wood products undergo our sanding process for a smooth surface, so you can rest easy knowing your wood tabletop will be as comfortable as it is nice to look at.

Let us help you add the elm wood tops to your kitchen design today! Contact us if you have any questions about our reclaimed wood table tops. 

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Reclaimed Douglas Fir Wood Tops

As new wood countertops sweep the kitchen design market by storm, our reclaimed wood countertops add an uncommon spin on this design trend. Rustic wood countertops are character-rich with qualities such as nail holes, worm damage, knots and natural weathering. This guarantees that no two wood slabs are the same! Douglas fir wood tops are a reddish-brown pine with prominent growth rings. Predominantly straight grained, this repurposed wood may also feature wood grains that are wavy or spiral. Douglas fir was very traditional in turn-of-the century mission style homes for the working and living quarters. Today, we reclaim this versatile wood from old barns and warehouses in the form of large beams and dimensional lumber.

If you have any questions about our reclaimed Douglas fir wood tops, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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American Walnut Wood Tops

Commonly known for the dark chocolate tones, Walnut is also available in lighter colors as well. The heartwood is rich, dark brown to purplish in color with lighter tan sapwood. It is usually straight grained and the texture is coarse and uniform. Black walnut is a highly sought after cabinet lumber that is excellent for any interior application. Traditionally used for the creation of formal furniture and musical instruments, walnut has a luxurious appeal about it that isn’t common for other wood species. It also holds stain very well for an exceptional finish. Strong, durable, and resistant to decay, walnut wood kitchen countertops are a choice that will be a beautiful addition to your home for years to come.

If you have any questions about our American walnut wood tops, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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American White Oak Wood Tops

Our traditional white oak wood tops are brilliant in every way. A top pick to add to any interior design, white oak continues to make an appearance in homes and businesses alike. While some of the lighter tones are especially suited for styles such as farmhouse or beach house, our products come in a range of colors to fit any aesthetic. Smooth surface, brushed or original rustic faces combined with fresh color tones give these wood tops a clean look in your home or business. While white oak is usually straight grained, it can also be irregular or cross-grained.

Give your home or business a makeover with these fresh, white oak wood tops! Contact us today to learn more. 

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American Hickory Wood Tops

Hickory is one of the strongest wood species in North America, and has an appealing color and prominent grain patterns. The sapwood (the center of the tree) tends to be white or cream-colored, while the heartwood (the outer rings of the tree) is a light to medium brownish-red. Sometimes, both the sapwood and the heartwood are featured on the same board. This results in a highly sought after aesthetic known as ‘Calico Hickory.’ The grain pattern is usually straight, though occasionally wavy, with a coarse texture. Traditionally, hickory has been used for objects that require strength, durability and need to withstand years of use. Adding hickory as a wood tabletop or wooden countertop would be a design choice that’s durable and beautiful.

If you have any questions about our American hickory wood tops, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Custom Wood Tops

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? We have options for that, too. Texture, color, finish; you name it and we’ll adjust it to fit your vision. That’s what Elmwood is all about. Your project, completely customized from beginning to end. Need a starting point? Our library contains more than 2500 samples of different looks we have created over time. Some are wild and others mild, and they are all available to you.

Reclaimed Wood Countertops FAQ

You have questions, we have the answers. Each DIY project is unique and requires special attention to details as well as in depth knowledge of everything from product specification to how it gets delivered. Let us help you navigate the wooden countertop choices and understand what to expect when it comes to realizing your kitchen design vision.

Our wood tops aren’t just for kitchen countertops! We’ll help you design the DIY project of your dreams for a variety of uses.

See the full FAQ section including questions about Elmwood as well as ordering and shipping questions.

I would like countertops, an island bar or table top made out of wood. How can you help me?

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber creates custom wooden countertops, wood tabletops and bar tops. We offer reclaimed wood countertops out of any of our reclaimed wood products and cut them to your dimensions. We will glue, sand and cut to size any countertop, bar top or wood tabletop to your design specifications, as well as shape your tabletop or countertop material with a variety of edges. Whether you are looking for a rustic oak top for a harvest table or a very refined, ultra-modern cherry or walnut top, we have the ability to create almost any look desired.

Can you accommodate sink cutouts in kitchen countertops?

The short answer is, yes. If you or your contractor can send us a template, we are happy to make sink cutouts. It may, however, be advisable to do sink and faucet cutouts on site if your team is capable and comfortable with this to ensure that you are fitting the top with the exact hardware you have on site.

How do you seal a wood countertop?

We have several options available for sealing and finishing wooden countertops. We have natural oils that can provide a food safe wood surface that can be used for food preparation, as well as more durable commercial grade finish products that will seal the wood and prevent water from penetrating the wood’s surface.

Are wood countertops easy to maintain?

Wooden countertops (and reclaimed wood countertops) are typically just as easy to maintain as other countertop materials. When natural oil finish is used, the surface can be re-oiled over time to keep the surface looking as good as it did the day it was installed.

Can I cut on wood countertops?

In order to keep your wooden countertops looking good, we recommend using a cutting board for all of your knife work. This will prevent damaging the wood’s surface as well as the finish that’s protecting it.

How to clean wood countertops?

Wooden countertops do not require much when it comes to cleaning. A soft towel soaked in warm water and dawn dish soap will work well for daily cleaning and will also prevent the finish from breaking down over time. Chemical cleaners and wax based cleaners will shorten the life of the finish and build up on the surface over time.

How to refinish wood countertops?

If a wooden countertop finish is no longer repelling water, it may be time to refinish. Depending on the finish that has been originally applied, the surface may be able to accept a fresh coat of hand applied finish to keep your wood tops protected.

I know wood tops are beautiful, but, are they durable?

This is a question that has several answers. As far as overall durability, much of this will depend on the type of wood; the harder the wood the more dent resistant it will be. When you start talking about scratches the most important factor will be the finish. Basically there are two schools of thought when it comes to finish: use a finish that will give the best protection against scratches or use a finish that is easily repairable. We’re experts when it comes to wood and would love to help you create the perfect wood tops for your situation.

What are Bespoke Wood Tops and how does it work?

We have a wide range of textures and colors that make up our wood tops collections, but we know that some projects have specific needs that fall outside of this box. This is where our Bespoke program comes in to custom tailor a product that is specific to your project needs and design vision.