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Antique Heart Pine

Antique Heart Pine Countertops

Create an elegant and timeless look for your home with our antique heart pine countertops. These wood countertops blend the charm of reclaimed wood with modern durability, making them a perfect choice for homeowners seeking to add a touch of history to their kitchen remodel.

Our antique heart pine countertops come from the heart of American heritage. Each piece tells a story, reclaimed predominantly from old industrial buildings and warehouses, where its massive dimensions and unmatched strength were once utilized. This reclaimed heart pine wood, known for being the heaviest and hardest softwood in the world, now serves as a stunning and functional centerpiece in your home.

The beauty of these wood countertops lies in their color palette, ranging from the creamier pinkish-tan of the sapwood to rich golds, oranges, and reds found towards the heart of the wood. The wide planks, a characteristic feature of barn wood, showcase the wood’s natural grain and texture, bringing a unique character to your kitchen island, table tops, bar tops, or island top.

Available in both pre-finished and unfinished options, our countertops cater to every style and need. The pre-finished countertops are sanded smooth, ensuring a sleek and polished look, perfect for a modern kitchen. For the DIY enthusiasts, our unfinished countertops offer the flexibility to finish and style them according to your taste.

We also offer an optional fire retardant treatment, enhancing the safety of your kitchen without compromising the reclaimed pine‘s natural beauty. 

Invest in our antique heart pine countertops for a solid wood top solution that is not only visually appealing but also steeped in history. Whether you’re looking for kitchen countertops or an island countertop, our reclaimed wood countertops are a sustainable and stylish choice that will elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics.

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Thickness: 1 ½”,2″, 2 ½”
Surface Texture: Sanded Smooth
Finish: Pre Finished or Unfinished
Fire Retardant: Optional


1/4 1/4" Eased
1/8 1/8" Eased
Bullnose Egde Icon Bullnose
Ogee Egde Icon Ogee


Proper product installation is the key to success in every job! From installation to recommended care & maintenance. We’ll always be here to help you with your project every step of the way. And when it’s done and you have the time to enjoy the look and feel and aura of the wood, make sure you take that time. It’s as good for you as laughing a half hour a day or going on a walk with a child and a dog. This wood has lived. Really lived.

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