Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Rustic yet sophisticated, our reclaimed wood shelves offer an ideal solution for enhancing various interior design themes. These reclaimed barn wood shelves, featuring real wood grain, are not just a piece of wood but a statement of enduring rustic charm. The beauty of these solid wood shelving units lies in their versatility, fitting seamlessly into a rustic farmhouse decor or adding a touch of organic character to a mid-century modern style.

Sourced from turn-of-the-century barns, factories, and mills, these reclaimed wood floating shelves are more than just heavy duty; they’re history reimagined. Their distinctive characteristics, such as nail holes, natural checking, and fastener holes, tell a story of a bygone era. For those who enjoy DIY projects, pairing these shelves with industrial pipe can create a striking shelving unit for your home office. Or, if you prefer a more straightforward approach, add floating farmhouse shelves to your dining room for practical and stylish storage.

All our rustic wood shelves boast a substantial 2-inch thickness, with widths varying from 4 to 12 inches. Length options range from 2 feet to an impressive 10 feet, accommodating any space or design need. We also offer custom surface and end options through our online store. Each shelf is made to order in the USA.

*Shelf brackets shown in the picture are not included.

Whether you’re envisioning reclaimed wood floating shelves or have a specific home decor project in mind, we’re eager to assist. Contact us anytime to discuss the possibilities and finer details of your shelving project. We’re just a message or call away, ready to help you enhance your home with the timeless appeal of rustic, solid wood.

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Reclaimed Wood Shelves FAQ

You have questions, we have the answers. Each DIY project is unique and requires special attention to details as well as in depth knowledge of everything from product specification to how it gets delivered. Let us help you navigate the choices and understand what to expect when it comes to realizing your rustic floating shelves vision!

To see the full FAQ section including questions about Elmwood as well as ordering and shipping questions click here.

Where to buy reclaimed wood for shelves?

You have come to the right place if you are looking for reclaimed barn wood shelves. All of our wooden shelf options are handcrafted using authentic reclaimed woods that have been salvaged from vintage barns and industrial buildings. All of our wooden shelf options can be purchased online and ship within 3 business days.

What kind of projects can I use reclaimed wood wall shelves for?

There are so many wall decor projects that you can use reclaimed wood wall shelves for, and many are easy to DIY! Here are a few ideas to get you started: floating wall shelves, kitchen shelves, mantel shelves and bathroom shelves. Our products with smaller depths (6 inches and 8 inches) make great floating wall shelf additions for spaces where you don’t want the shelf protruding from the wall too much, such as entryways, living rooms and dining rooms. Reclaimed wood accent shelves aren’t just for homeowners. These products could be the perfect addition to a business or commercial space as well as display shelves, bookcase or handcrafted wall decor.

After I order my shelves, how long does it take to ship? 

We are typically able to ship all orders within 3 business days, however, there are occasions such as holidays when it may take a few extra days.

Will my shelf be the exact dimension ordered?

While we do our best to source and achieve the true dimension, each piece of wood is reclaimed from old structures and can have up to a 1 inch variance in thickness and depth, this can be due to shrinkage over time or how the material was crafted years ago.

How do I install the wood shelves?

Wooden shelves can be installed or mounted in a variety of ways. Matching corbels can be purchased as part of your order or you may wish to use other mounting hardware to achieve the look of wood floating shelves. Wall mounted shelves may have more requirements, such as bolting into a wall stud for stability and higher weight capacity. Metal brackets or hidden brackets can be purchased from another retailer to fit your style. If you’re building a shelving unit or bookshelf, we’re happy to help provide any guidance for choosing the correct hardware.

How to paint wood shelves?

All of our shelf options have a beautiful aged patina that you can show off in its natural state or enhanced with a tinted wax. We recommend these options over paint that would cover the beauty of the solid wood.

What color will my shelf be?

All of our shelf lumber is reclaimed from inside old barns and buildings and has developed an antique brown patina on all four sides. If the fresh cut ends are exposed we can distress these areas to match the original surface. We can also finish the mantel shelf in one of our shades of tinted wax that range from light to dark.

Is there a range of texture on reclaimed wood shelves?

The texture on our wood shelves ranges from original rustic to original planed smooth and can often be a mixture. The majority of the edges will have visible nail holes from the original use.

How will my shelf be shipped?

We ship all of our mantle and shelf orders either via ground freight or common carriers (all lengths over 9 feet or weights over 145 lbs).