Custom Stair Treads & Other Accessories

We offer a wide range of stair parts in all the same wood types and grades as our floors to help you meet your specific project needs. Some of the smaller details make the biggest differences, like our matching floor vents. No floor is complete without matching vents for the hvac system. Color changing, pore saturating, strong holding – waxes, oils, waterbased finishes, adhesives, moisture barriers – the right finishes and supplies to complete the project.

If you have any questions about our Stair Parts & Accessories, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Stair Parts FAQ

You have questions, we have the answers. Each project is unique and requires special attention to details as well as in depth knowledge of everything from product specification to how it gets delivered. Let us help you navigate the choices and understand what to expect when it comes to realizing your vision.

To see the full FAQ section including questions about Elmwood as well as ordering and shipping questions click here.

Can you pre finish and match my stair parts to my floor?

Absolutely, from the treads and risers to nosing for landings we will make sure everything goes together seamlessly.

What about thick and floating stair treads?

Actually it’s one of our favorite looks! We always have plenty of stock on hand to create large stair tread packages in a variety of woods. We can produce widths up to 12″ out of single planks or if the specs require wider widths we will glue up multiple planks to create the widths you need.

Can you make angled or irregular shaped treads?

If you can send us a template, we can make almost any share your project requires. Your sales consultant can help you with any details and specifications you may have.