Shipping & Delivery

From Our Mill to Your Job Site

There’s even beauty in our shipping paths: We’re located in the center of the country, right at the major junction of all the highways, crossroads for transportation of everything, by rail, road, air, whatever.

Saving You Money

We do a lot of shipping! Almost all of our orders are shipped through one company and our discounts are huge. It has always been our philosophy that those savings when passed directly to our customers become another great reason to choose our high quality wood products.

Special Shipping Needs

If you have special shipping needs, would like for us to store your order until you need it, or would like an order to ship at multiple times during your project, please let us know and we will be happy to make the arrangements.

We Make It Easy

We will help make the delivery smooth.  About a week before the product ship date we will contact either you or the builder to make final shipping and payment arrangements. The day or so before your shipment arrives you will be contacted by the freight company to confirm delivery.  Your reclaimed wood order typically will ship common carrier.

Shipment of Your Order

Every order we ship is carefully packaged in accordance with its contents.  First, we protect the product with cardboard edges attached with poly-nylon strapping.  Next, the product is wrapped in a protective covering material to ensure no moisture or other damaging elements are allowed access to the product. Finally, we custom build every pallet and crate using kiln dried southern yellow pine to ensure that the product fits snugly and will arrive safely at the final destination.

Trucks and What to Expect

The trucks themselves are usually around 36′ to 40′ long. In some instances, with larger orders, a semi truck will be the truck used. These are approximately 65′ to 70′ in length. Please let us know if you have special needs or cannot accept a large truck.

Offloading at the Job Site

Offloading material can be done with a forklift or by hand. Knowing that a large number of our customers will need to hand offload material, we create manageable bundles consisting of roughly 25-40 square feet of material that can be easily walked off of the truck by one to two individuals.

Pick Up Your Wood

For local orders, you may always choose to pick up or have your order picked up by your agent.