Our Story

Working with wood is what we do! We take great care in making sure all the details are always taken seriously and our products show that love. It’s not always easy and we work long hours, but, at the end of the day we produce something that’s easy to believe in, feels great and will last for generations to come. From all of us to you, our customers, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your projects and lives.

From Humble Beginnings

Our humble beginnings have strong roots. For more than 20 years we have been focused on creating a unique company dedicated to procuring and crafting products from reclaimed and sustainable woods. Inspired by our customers we are continually pushing the boundaries and developing products that meet the needs of top architects, designers, contractors and homeowners throughout the world. 

In the early days of our company the Elmwood Team spent a lot of time exploring and admiring abandoned factories, warehouses, old mills, and the countryside, especially all of the century old barns and structures. Fascinated by the history and craftsmanship that went into constructing these majestic landmarks and wanting to sustain and recover this beauty, the ideals of a company was formed.

Cottage Industry to a Movement

We’re proud to say we reclaim the sources of our livelihood, in fact, we live it every day. What began as an industry with a few small companies dedicated to a narrow group of early adopters willing to take a chance on something unique and remarkably beautiful has blossomed into a widely accepted and highly prized resource utilized in a diverse variety of commercial and residential spaces worldwide. 

Focused on our client’s needs, one thing has remained constant, change! Around every corner, we have found ways to create new and exciting surfaces and variations on the materials we encounter. From unique species to surface texture to wild and mild colors, we constantly look to improve and enhance our offerings meeting the needs of clients involved in a myriad of projects requiring that special unique look and feel.

A Few Hiccups Along the Way

We’ve had more than a few learning experiences. Most notably was in 2012 when a fire claimed our main mill located on the farm. It was our hard earned 10,000 sq/ft facility filled with all of our most need milling equipment. At the time it felt like we had lost everything we had worked so hard to build. Fortunately, our team was optimistic and up for the challenge, and, we’re proud to say that through it all we didn’t lose a single team member! 

We elected to relocate our operation to a new location in order to expedite a return to production and ensure our customer’s needs were met. After searching high and low we landed at our new facility in Peculiar, Missouri. The move has turned out to be an amazing transformation for the company, allowing us to have the room we needed to grow into who we are today.

Elmwood Today

Through the years we have scoured the country and world in search of the best sources and suppliers, most sophisticated milling equipment and some incredibly talented individuals. The results are what set us apart, and, make our products stand out. We’re proud of what we have created and the products we craft.

Sometimes, when we stop and look back at all that has been accomplished is feels surreal. Our greatest asset is to be surrounded by such a talented team of dedicated people who truly love what we do and strive to improve every day. Thank you to all who have participated in this journey and our success!

Our customer base has continued to grow as we have built our reputation on honesty, superior customer service, and the highest quality products in our industry. This tradition continues to guide us on this crazy ride every day. Thank you for supporting our small tight knit company and allowing us to be a part of your project.