Reclaimed Wood Beams

Whether it is for a mantle above your fireplace or timber spans across your living room, wood beams lend a warm and robust feel to any structure.

Reclaimed wood beams make a great addition to any interior or exterior project.  We offer a variety of wood beams obtained from turn-of-the-century structures. These include Antique Rough Sawn Wood Beams, which have a refined rustic appeal and include teeth marks from the saw blade as the wood was first milled, Antique Hand Hewn Wood Beams, which retain the original axe marks left behind by the artisan who created them by hand, Antique Re-Sawn Wood Beams  provide a modern, clean face from our band saw and Faux Box Beams provide the look and feel of solid wood beams while at the same time being much lighter, requiring less structural support for installation.

If you have any questions about our Reclaimed Wood Beams, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Wood Beams FAQ

You have questions, we have the answers. Each project is unique and requires special attention to details as well as in depth knowledge of everything from product specification to how it gets delivered. Let us help you navigate the choices and understand what to expect when it comes to realizing your vision.

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What is kiln drying and why is it important for reclaimed wood beams?

Kiln drying is an important step in our process that stabilizes the woods moisture content and eliminates any type of bug or mold that could otherwise be present in the reclaimed lumber. The end result is a clean, dry quality reclaimed timber that is ready for your project.

Are reclaimed wood beams structural? How much weight can wood beams hold?

While many of our reclaimed wood beams have held heavy structural loads for many years, we do not grade our beams for structural purposes. This is not to say that they will not hold a structural load, we simply are not qualified to certify them for structural purposes. Most of our customers use the beams we provide for decorative use and those that do need them for structural uses may need a third party grader to certify them.

How to clean wood beams?

At Elmwood, we take extra steps to provide our customers with clean reclaimed beams that are suitable for interior use. First, the beams have all the metals removed and then get washed by hand with a pressure washer to remove any dirt and debris. The last step is a cycle in our kiln that will heat and dry the wood and eliminate any chance of mold and insects being present in the wood.

How to stain wood beams?

We recommend using a tinted wax to achieve darker color tones on our reclaimed wood beams. We hand sand each side to allow for a smooth application of tinted wax that is buffed in and results in a matte finish with a soft even luster.

Where to buy reclaimed wood beams?

We have a vast inventory of high quality reclaimed wood beams and we can custom cut, pack and ship them directly to your job site. This allows our clients to get exactly what they need to achieve the vision of their projects, no matter where they are located 

I need beams that are flat on one side to install on the ceiling…

Our answer to this common need is simple, we can saw the beam on one side with our 50′ long beam saw. Sawing on one side will give the beam a square and flat side to mount to the ceiling while retaining the other 3 sides of the beam’s natural rustic character.

Will my solid reclaimed wood beams contain mortise pockets?

While there are a few reclaimed wood beams that are mortise free, it’s rare. Due to the construction methods used in early buildings mortise pockets were a structural part of the beams, connecting one beam to another to create a frame. To sum it up, the majority of our reclaimed wood beams will contain mortise pockets that add to the rustic look and authenticity.

What is a Faux Wood Beam?

We offer a hollow beam made from sections of reclaimed lumber. Elmwood offers this unique solution with a locking miter joint when projects require lightweight beams or need to wrap an existing structural beam. The faux beams are flat packed and assembled on site using our custom locking profile.

How far can wood beams span?

Our reclaimed faux box beams make the perfect choice when spanning long gaps. The beams are hollow inside and can be used to wrap glulam support beams or metal beams while creating the illusion of a reclaimed sold wood beam. 

Is there a range of texture on reclaimed wood beams?

The texture on our rough sawn reclaimed beams ranges from original rustic to original planed smooth and can often be a mixture. Majority of the edges will have visible nail holes from the original use. Hand hewn beam texture can range from heavy to light hewing as this process was done by hand and dependent of the craftsman who originally made the beam over a century ago.