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Reclaimed Antique Hand Hewn Wood Beams

Hand Hewn Beams

Hand hewn beams were fallen, round logs hewn into a square beam using a hand tool known as a broad axe. During its time, this tool was referred to as an ‘adze,’ which lends to the term of hand hewn sometimes being referred to as ‘hand adzed.’ In the past, prior to the use of sawmills, hand-hewing a log into a wooden beam with an axe was the only method. While it might be time-consuming, there is no match for the historical woodworking and craftsmanship showcased in these old wood beams. With the invention of steam power, rough sawn beams became a more available resource.

Historically, wood structures were built from the trees that were cut down by settlers in the process of clearing the land. Because many settlers didn’t have access to a nearby mill, building materials were sourced from whatever was nearby. Much of the reclaimed wood beams from these old barns are an array of wood species. Nevertheless, rural structures built out of hand hewn timbers are a testament to the settler way of life and the skill and hard work it took to survive on the frontier.

The result of hand-hewing a wooden beam is that the vintage wood showcases the axe marks and craftsmanship of the original artisan. Reclaimed hand hewn beams are one-of-a-kind pieces that add a unique, rustic look to any interior and will be a unique addition to your next project. These barn wood beams also have markings common to reclaimed wood, such as nail holes and mortise pockets. This adds more character to an already interesting antique beam.

Contact us to ask about pricing or learn more about installing a hand hewn barn beam for your next project! We have a variety of customizations available to fit every homeowner’s interior design style.

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Dimensions: 4″x4″ to 12″x12″ and larger
Lengths: Up to 30′ feet and longer
Surfaced Washed: Light surface washing
Surface Cleaned: Removal of metals
Kiln Drying: Stabilize and eradicate potential pest
The Works: Surface washed, Cleaned and Kiln Dried
Beam Cut: Sawn one edge or split
Finish: Un Finished or Wax Finish
Wax Colors: Clear, Light Brown, Walnut or White Washed
Fire Retardant: Optional


Hand hewn wood beams can be used for many projects, including fireplace mantels, ceiling beams and posts. Proper product installation is the key to success in every job! For large or difficult projects, we recommend hiring a professional contractor. We’re happy to provide guidance and support throughout the process, from installation to recommended care and maintenance. Hand hewn beams add a beautiful, rustic appeal to many interiors, whether residential or commercial. Contact us to start planning your next project!

Reclaimed Beams Installation Instructions

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