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Reclaimed Antique Hand Hewn Wood Beams

Hand Hewn Beams

Hand Hewn Beams were fallen logs, hewn into shape using a broad axe known in its time as an ‘adze’, which lends to the term of hand hewn sometimes being referred to as ‘hand adzed’.  Originally, shaping a log into a beam with an axe was the only method.  With the invention of steam power, rough sawn beams became a more available resource.  In the story of the migration west, logs were hand hewn by early settlers who were isolated and did not have access to a nearby mill.  Also, in the process of clearing the land, it made more sense and was more cost effective for a settler to utilize the trees that were felled to clear the land for their barn beams as opposed to purchasing them from a local mill.  This occurred in most cases and the settlers used whatever trees were closest to the structure, producing some interesting surprises when the barns are deconstructed for reclamation.  Nevertheless, rural structures built out of hand hewn beams are a testament to the settler way of life and the skill and hard work it took to survive on the frontier.

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Dimensions: 4″x4″ to 12″x12″ and larger
Lengths: Up to 30′ feet and longer
Surfaced Washed: Light surface washing
Surface Cleaned: Removal of metals
Kiln Drying: Stabilize and eradicate potential pest
The Works: Surface washed, Cleaned and Kiln Dried
Beam Cut: Sawn one edge or split
Finish: Un Finished or Wax Finish
Wax Colors: Clear, Light Brown, Walnut or White Washed
Fire Retardant: Optional

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Reclaimed Antique Hand Hewn Wood Beams is 100% FSC Certified Recycled and eligible for LEED Credits.


Proper product installation is the key to success in every job! From installation to recommended care & maintenance. We’ll always be here to help you with your project every step of the way. And when it’s done and you have the time to enjoy the look and feel and aura of the wood, make sure you take that time. It’s as good for you as laughing a half hour a day or going on a walk with a child and a dog. This wood has lived. Really lived.

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