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While white oak gets its name for its creamier, white undertones, we have stain options available that also range from mid-to-dark tones. Malted Barley and Summer Cabin feature the darkest shades that would be ideal for use in a formal dining room table, whereas Clean Linen and White Cap offer the lightest shades which can help brighten up a space. Whatever your DIY project, we’ll cut the white oak countertop product to your specifications to meet your functionality needs. 

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Interested in exploring more of our custom wood products? We have a wide selection of wood species and stains to choose from. Keep browsing the rest of our wide plank countertop options to find one that works for you!

White oak is a common wood species in many interior designs, and for good reason! It has a clean, straight wood grain pattern, stains well and is durable. It even has some natural water resistance! An abundant wood type in North America, oak can be broken up into two common categories: white oak and red oak. White oak features creamier, white tones, while red oak usually features pinkish or reddish hues. The heartwood (the center of the tree) of white oak wood can be light-to-dark brown, while the sapwood (the outermost portion) typically features light and cream-colored hues. 

Traditionally the wood of choice for barrel cooperage for distilleries and prized for shipbuilding, white oak is now utilized in an array of home decor furniture and interior design styles. The well-known farmhouse trend uses white oak wood as a mainstay. 

As oak wood countertops continue to become popular among homeowners, white oak is an excellent choice to add as a kitchen countertop, kitchen island top, or kitchen table top. Not just for the kitchen space, these solid wood tops can also be used to make a DIY farmhouse table for your dining room or a unique bathroom vanity. If you want to add white oak wood tops in your commercial space, these are perfect as full-length conference tables, dining tables, bar tops, and desks! All our wood countertops are food safe and easy to maintain, and we’ll even add cutouts to your specifications!

Keep exploring to learn more about our white oak countertops and how to incorporate them into your home or business. If you have any questions about these products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of White Oak Countertop

There is a lot to love about white oak wood! Learn more about the benefits of installing white oak wood countertops in your home or business. We know you’ll be impressed with this wood species and the craftsmanship that goes into all our Elmwood’s products.

Easy Installation

Loved by woodworkers for being easy to work with, white oak is known for gluing and holding fasteners exceptionally well. Proper installation is the key to success and with the guidance of our expert team, you’re sure to have a project that will stand the test of time.

Low Maintenance

All our wood countertops are easy to care for. Daily cleaning can be done with a soft towel and gentle dish soap to prevent the finish from breaking down over time. Depending on the mineral oil finish, the surface can be re-oiled over time to keep the surface looking great. Avoid using chemical cleaners and wax based cleaners as these will shorten the life of the finish.


Known for its durability, white oak is rated as one of the strongest woods on the Janka scale. It is also resistant to rot and decay, and has the added benefit of natural waterproofing. After your remodel project is complete, you can rest easy knowing it is built to last.


White oak countertops come in a variety of options and are customized to meet your DIY project vision. The wood grain of white oak is typically straight and has a slightly less coarse texture than red oak. White oak achieves a clean, rustic ambience to your home without being overwhelming.

Use Cases for White Oak Countertop

See these tops in action! Our clients have installed white oak wood tops for a range of DIY projects, such as conference table tops, butcher block countertops and bar tops. White oak wood is easy to work with, beautiful and durable, making it a great choice for many decor and furniture projects. While some of the lighter tones are especially suited for styles like farmhouse or beach house, our products come in a collection of colors to fit most interiors. Find some inspiration for your wood top project by exploring our other customer’s work.

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Turn your wooden countertop dreams into a reality! Contact us to learn more about our white oak countertop products and find out how we can customize our products to meet your needs. There are many customization options to choose from, including edge profile, surface texture, and finish. We’re happy to help you navigate your choices!