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American black walnut is commonly known for its deep, chocolate hues, but we offer a wide selection of tones and stains to choose from. Our Sea Shell countertop has a light reddish hue with grey highlights, while the Fresh Powder top is predominantly grey with reddish tones. All our walnut wood countertops are 1.5 inches thick, have an array of edge profiles, are food safe, and are available in sanded smooth texture and original rustic. Browse through our wood top options today to find one you like!

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Black walnut wood adds a luxurious, formal feel to any room. Commonly used for musical instruments and formal furniture, a walnut wood table top would be ideal for elevating a dining room table or adding rustic elegance to a kitchen wood countertop remodel. Looking to upgrade your business space instead? Walnut wood table tops also make great conference tables, lunch room tables, or dining tables for visiting customers. 

Walnut is commonly thought of to be a darker wood, but it also has light options available as well. The sapwood (the outer layer of the tree) of walnut wood is a creamy white, while the heartwood (the wood at the center of the tree) is dark chocolate. Our walnut butcher block countertops are crafted with the face grain on the top and the edge grain (or vertical grain) along the sides. 

All our countertops are created with high quality, craftsmanship and are built with durability in mind. Our walnut wood countertops come as sanded smooth or with their original rustic surface. We’ll cut the wood tops to your specifications to fit any DIY project, and can even add cutouts for kitchen countertops, bar tops, and island tops. 

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Benefits of Walnut Countertop

Explore the benefits of installing a black walnut countertop in your home! Whether you’re updating a custom island countertop or building a DIY table top, walnut wood has many benefits to highlight. From easy installation to lasting durability, we know you’ll be satisfied with walnut as your next home decor addition! When you’re ready to add walnut wood tops to your home, contact us to learn more or find out more about pricing.

Easy Installation

Proper installation is the key to success for any project. Walnut kitchen countertops are easy to install and we’re happy to help provide support along the way.

Low Maintenance

All our wood countertops are low maintenance and easy to care for! Depending on the oil finish, the surface can be re-oiled over time to keep the surface looking great. A soft towel soaked in warm water and gentle dish soap will work well for daily cleaning and prevent the finish from breaking down over time. Avoid using chemical cleaners and wax based cleaners as these will shorten the life of the finish.


Form meets functionality when you choose walnut for your kitchen counters. As one of the top rated woods on the Janka Scale, walnut wood is highly durable and strong. It is also resistant to decay and doesn’t usually warp due to changes in humidity. Choosing this wood species for your next countertop project would be a solid wood option designed to stand the test of time.


You can’t go wrong pairing the luxurious appearance of walnut wood next to modern stainless steel appliances. Walnut wood is a high quality wood species that is typically straight-grained with occasional waves which add an attractive feature to our wood countertops. It also holds stain very well and has an exceptional finish. Bring a luxurious tone to any room where you choose to feature walnut countertops!

Use Cases for Walnut Countertop

Walnut wood is beautiful, durable, and easy to work with, making it a great choice for a range of countertop projects in both residential and commercial design. A top pick for homeowners and interior designers, American black walnut continues to make an appearance in home design trends where a formal-looking wood species is desired. While commonly known for it’s darker hues, our products come in a variety of colors to fit most interiors. Find some inspiration for your countertop project by exploring some of our other customer’s work. From full length communal tables to a custom walnut island top, there are many design ideas to help you get started.

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Ready to add our walnut wood tops to your home or business? Contact us to get started with your next project. We can help answer any questions you have about the product, installation, care and maintenance. We’ll even cut the walnut wood tops to your specifications! Reach out today for more information. 

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