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American Rustic Walnut Table Tops

Explore the beauty and strength of our Rustic Walnut Table Tops, crafted in the USA. Each wood top is custom-made from black walnut and boasts a Janka rating of 1010 making them incredibly durable. These table tops showcase a range of natural walnut colors, from light to dark brown with purple hues, and feature a unique rustic texture left by the sawmill. Perfect for various settings, they bring a classic touch to any dining room, kitchen, or office.

Our walnut table tops are available in both pre-finished and unfinished options, catering to your DIY projects or ready-to-use needs. With a solid 1 1/2 inch thickness, they offer durability and a high-quality feel, suitable for everything from a robust kitchen table or countertop to an elegant coffee table or a sturdy office desk top.

Choose from a variety of edge styles, including 1/4 inch eased, 1/8 inch eased, bullnose, and ogee, to personalize your space. For safety, we offer an optional fire retardant treatment. Additionally, our commercial finish option is perfect for high-use areas like restaurant table tops, ensuring long-lasting durability.

The rustic walnut used is kiln-dried, guaranteeing stability and preventing warping, essential for both residential and commercial use. Each table top is handmade, reflecting the beauty of natural wood and traditional woodworking skills. Table tops can be cut to your specifications to fit a variety of table bases

With their durable construction, customizable options, and the unique charm of rustic walnut, our walnut solid wood table tops are sure to be a cherished part of your space for years to come. Whether you’re designing a cozy corner with a coffee table, revamping your dining room with a new dining table top, or upgrading your office with a solid walnut desk top, our Rustic Walnut Table Tops are the perfect choice. Secure your piece of natural elegance today at our checkout, and bring the timeless charm of rustic walnut into your space.

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Thickness: 1 ½”
Surface Texture: Original Rustic
Finish: Pre-finished or Unfinished
Optional Finish: Commercial
Fire Retardant: Optional


1/4 1/4" Eased
1/8 1/8" Eased
Bullnose Egde Icon Bullnose
Ogee Egde Icon Ogee


Proper product installation is the key to success in every job! From installation to recommended care & maintenance. We’ll always be here to help you with your project every step of the way. And when it’s done and you have the time to enjoy the look and feel and aura of the wood, make sure you take that time. It’s as good for you as laughing a half hour a day or going on a walk with a child and a dog. This wood has lived. Really lived.

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