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Antique Douglas Fir

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Table Tops

Discover the timeless charm of our Douglas Fir Table Tops, masterfully crafted from reclaimed Douglas fir lumber. Sourced from the forests of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, this wood species is celebrated for its beautiful reddish-brown color, marked by distinct growth rings and a lighter sapwood. Douglas fir is typically straight-grained, but sometimes it showcases unique wavy or spiral patterns, adding to its natural appeal.

These table tops are a splendid combination of rustic elegance and refined artisanship. Echoing the rich history of Doug fir, once a staple in the functional and living spaces of early 20th-century mission style homes, we now repurpose this durable wood from old buildings, giving it a new life as exquisite furniture.

Our collection offers a diverse range of options to suit any taste or need. From stylish Douglas fir dining tables that become the centerpiece of your dining room to cozy coffee tables and side tables perfect for your living area, and from versatile countertops to charming farm tables, each piece is a work of art. We can also add cutouts to your desired specifications. You can choose from our smoothly sanded, ready-to-use pre-finished tops, or opt for the unfinished versions, allowing you to add your personal touch.

In addition to their stunning appearance, we focus on the durability and safety of our products. An optional fire retardant treatment is available to enhance their resilience and ensure they meet the highest safety standards. This treatment makes our Douglas fir table tops not just visually appealing, but also a long-lasting investment.

Our wood table tops are not just furniture; they are a piece of history. The craftsmanship involved in woodworking these pieces showcases our commitment to preserving the beauty of solid wood. The rustic texture of the barnwood, combined with the strength and versatility of the Douglas fir, makes these rustic table tops a perfect addition to any space.

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Thickness: 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”
Surface Texture: Sanded Smooth
Finish: Pre Finished or Unfinished
Fire Retardant: Optional


1/4 1/4" Eased
1/8 1/8" Eased
Bullnose Egde Icon Bullnose
Ogee Egde Icon Ogee


Proper product installation is the key to success in every job! From installation to recommended care & maintenance. We’ll always be here to help you with your project every step of the way. And when it’s done and you have the time to enjoy the look and feel and aura of the wood, make sure you take that time. It’s as good for you as laughing a half hour a day or going on a walk with a child and a dog. This wood has lived. Really lived.

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