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Our oak wood tops are offered in a wide array of hues and stains. From the very light Old Grey Owl to the dark chocolate Old Rafter, we have a shade to match every interior. Antique Oak, Antique White Oak, and Early Frost feature a more traditional oak stain and fit in well to many interior design styles. Browse our oak wood selection to find a table top that fits your style!

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Don’t stop here! We have more solid wood tops to choose from if you’re still looking for the right fit for your home. We offer custom tops in the following wood species: walnut, douglas fir, elm wood, and heart pine, to name a few! Find a solid wood top that deserves to be in your home of business.

A reclaimed oak countertop is a great feature piece for any home. Whether you’re planning a full scale kitchen makeover or just updating your space with a custom table top, our solid oak wood tops make a sturdy and beautiful option for many uses. These oak wood table tops can be installed as a reclaimed wood coffee table, sofa table, end table, or even a unique bathroom vanity. Looking to upgrade your business space instead? Reclaimed wood table tops also make great conference tables, lunch room tables, or restaurant tables for visiting customers.

Oak wood is a popular choice for decor because it’s durable, easy to work with and showcases a beautiful wood grain whether it’s in its natural state or in a variety of stains. Traditionally used for furniture and flooring, oak wood is also the wood of choice for the Amish. Oak can be categorized as red and white oaks which is identified by its natural hues. White oak table tops tend to be a lighter beige, while red oak has a pinkish or reddish hue. Whichever color you choose, oak wood features a straight-grained pattern and uneven texture, making it an easy aesthetic to recognize.

As wood table tops are trending around the United States, a reclaimed wood table top has additional features that can’t be replicated. This includes weathering, nail holes, wormholes and other general markings due to their original origins. And the natural aging process creates a charming, rustic wood patina that can’t be reproduced! Each reclaimed oak table top is carefully selected to ensure the high quality standards of our products. Every table top is kiln-dried to prevent warping and keep your custom table top in pristine condition for years to come. 

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Benefits of Reclaimed Oak Table Top

Discover the benefits of choosing a reclaimed oak wood top for your next diy project. As beautiful as it is strong, oak is highly resistant to damage and decay. Choosing an oak wood table top as a surface in your home will ensure that you have a lasting feature in your interior.

Easy Installation

All of our solid wood table tops come with easy to follow instructions to help guide you through the process, regardless of what table legs or table base you choose. We’ll also cut the piece to your custom dimensions and can also add cutout holes to your specification as well. And if you need help along the way, we’re just a phone call away and are happy to provide additional support.

Low Maintenance

Oak wood table tops are a low maintenance choice that will stand the test of time with proper cleaning and care. We have several options available for sealing and finishing wood countertops, including a natural oil finish or a more durable commercial grade finish. A soft towel soaked in warm water and dawn dish soap works well for daily cleaning and prevents the finish from breaking down over time.


Known for its resistance to decay and as one of the top rated woods on the Janka Scale, oak wood is highly durable and strong. Whether it’s a side table in your living room or reclaimed wood dining table in the dining room, you’ll know your newly added wood top is made to last.


You can create any style table you can dream of! Oak is a traditional wood species that fits seamlessly into many design styles. While it is commonly popular for farmhouse table designs, oak wood has an appealing grain pattern and modern rustic appearance that many homeowners and designers find attractive.

Use Cases for Reclaimed Oak Table Top

Interested in seeing these oak wood tops in action? Our clients have installed reclaimed oak wood tops for a range of diy projects, such as conference table tops, dining room tables and wood bar tops. Browse through our project gallery to get some inspiration for your next home decor project. Whether it’s a reclaimed console table in the living room or an end table for your bedroom, these wood plank table tops fit in well in any space.

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We also have more wood tops available in various wood types, including elm wood, heart pine and douglas fir. Explore all of our solid wood top products and read our frequently asked questions to learn more about using reclaimed oak table tops for your next woodworking project.