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Achieve a Contemporary Look With Ash Flooring

July 18, 2019

Ash flooring can give you the character you need to keep your contemporary setting from becoming overly cold or sterile. At the same time, ash also has enough cool tones and a light, clear color that will allow it to complement any modern home…

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Wood Kitchen Countertop Ideas and Uses

July 3, 2019

There are more choices on the market for kitchen countertops today than ever before. Every few years, a new product gets introduced. A few end up having staying power, while most tend to vanish again as quickly as they arrived…

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Enrich Your Home With Dark Walnut Floors

June 11, 2019

All hardwood flooring options are beautiful, but few have the depth of color and grain that can be found in American walnut. This prized hardwood has a rich range of colors in both the heart and sapwood, all of which are instantly recognizable…

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