January 16, 2020

Kitchen cabinets are arguably the most important part of a kitchen design. They offer function and storage for the room, and they also set the tone for the way that the rest of the style will unfold. 

Cabinetry comes in many different materials and forms, with real wood cabinets often ranking as the first choice of many homeowners. For those that want to use a more environmentally friendly material, while adding a lot of interest and character to the room, there are also barnwood kitchen cabinets.

Barnwood cabinets come in many styles, including those that mimic new cut wood cabinets. They can also offer you an alternative to MDF, veneers, and other lower quality cabinets that are available on the market today.

What Are Barnwood Kitchen Cabinets?

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Barnwood kitchen cabinets are regular cabinets that you would use in any kitchen. The difference between barnwood cabinets and the cabinets you would find in a big box store, is that these cabinets have been built from reclaimed barnwood. They’re made of real wood, rather than MDF or a thin veneer over a manufactured base. 

Barnwood is real wood that has been reclaimed from old barn buildings and given new use. It performs just like new cut wood, and can be cut, shaped, and formed into many different things, including kitchen cabinets. 

Barnwood kitchen cabinets are made from old growth wood taken from barns that are more than 100 years old. The wood was used for decades, and often shows some of the signs of its cutting, nailing, and regular use. It may have a patina or weathering, and it may show the original saw marks or nail holes in its surface as well. 

Some barnwood cabinets may appear antiqued, or worn smooth in places and other barnwood may show signs of having been exposed to the elements. Other types of barnwood cabinets may be indistinguishable from other, new cut wood cabinets. 

All barnwood still has years of use left in it, regardless of how it’s been finished or what its appearance. Reclaimed, cleaned, cut, and finished, some types of barnwood can even look like new cut wood again, and all types of barnwood can function like new. Barnwood comes in many different wood species, and may even include some woods that can’t be found anymore, like elm. 

The Benefits of Using Barnwood

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Barnwood offers several benefits and advantages over other types of kitchen cabinets. In a world where things are becoming more standardized, and fewer natural materials are being used, barnwood offers a refreshing change of pace, as well as a beautiful and functional material for kitchen cabinets.

Barnwood is real wood, and cabinets can be built entirely from this material, rather than a mixture of different products whose origins may be unknown. You can create a wide range of different styles with it, and get a very stable, strong, and functional cabinet that is built to last, rather than a cabinet made mostly of plastic that may not last 20 years. With barnwood, you can create a rustic modern style for your kitchen, or get something that looks more contemporary. You can choose to let the wood’s natural patina show through, or opt for a stain or finish that will complement the rest of your home. Barnwood functions just like new cut wood; it opens up new possibilities for style without taking anything away. 

Barnwood also allows you to add another layer of dimension to your kitchen design. Use it to build a kitchen island that will not only add function to the room, it can also create a focal point that will elevate the entire design. Or, consider using barnwood to create kitchen cabinets for the perimeter of the room, letting the patina and natural color variation show. This can add a subtle color and dimension to the kitchen, without taking center stage in your design. You can even simply use barnwood cabinets that look like new cut wood cabinets, knowing that you’re using a solid, durable material that isn’t harming the environment the way that a plastic cabinet or type of new cut wood.

Since no new trees are harvested to produce the wood, using a reclaimed material like barnwood can make a more environmentally friendly choice for your project. You’ll still get a high-quality, long lasting real wood, but without the need to worry about current forestry practices. 

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