9 Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood In The Kitchen

January 31, 2019

The kitchen is one of the most regularly used areas in the home. It’s also one of the areas of the home that homeowners remodel the most frequently and report taking the most satisfaction in after it’s been done.

With all of the attention that homeowners put into their custom kitchen design, it’s no wonder that the materials people choose to use in this space are just as important. Reclaimed wood is one material that’s been getting a lot more use in residential spaces such as custom kitchens. This versatile, eco-friendly, solid wood material has a lot of character and interest that isn’t always present in newer surfaces.

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Reclaimed wood is natural wood that has been reclaimed from old barns and buildings, cleaned, milled, and given new use. It’s just as versatile and durable as new solid wood, but with a patina and character all its own. Wood kitchen aesthetics are most at home in the farmhouse style design, but can be fit in for many interiors. Reclaimed wood can be used for a contemporary kitchen or rustic kitchen design, and may show the signs of its original use such as saw marks or nail holes. 

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Designs

Best of all, you can use distressed wood anywhere in the kitchen. Check out these 9 interior designs using reclaimed wood to see some of the many possibilities that this material can bring to your home decor


Shelving is a popular option for many wood kitchen designs today. Floating kitchen shelves can make a space feel more open, while letting you display your favorite dishes. Distressed wood shelves add a slightly rustic touch that blends in well with some of the kitchen designs that use shelving the most, such as the farmhouse kitchen design.


The cabinetry is the heart and soul of the kitchen. Reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets can take on a new dimension filled with personality and character. The recycled, distressed wood can be used to form a range of cabinet styles, including the popular Shaker and slab styles. The varying tones and patinas that the wood contains makes the cabinetry more interesting to look at, and can be used to create formal, rustic, or modern kitchen designs.


Countertops are one of the most noticeable features in the kitchen. When made of reclaimed wood, they also bring a lot of warmth to the room. Wood is used in numerous kitchen designs, including Craftsman styles that are popular today. Wood kitchen counters often take on a living finish with use, showing the areas they are touched and used the most. This type of finish can enhance the look of your kitchen now and for years to come.


The island kitchen is one of the most popular layouts of today. It’s common to use a different material on the island than on the perimeter cabinets to help bring some contrast and interest to the space. Wood countertops and butcher blocks have become a popular interior design material for many rustic kitchen countertop styles. This reclaimed wood kitchen island top is the ideal counter surface, showing many of the marks of its original use and thereby blending right into future purpose.


If you don’t have a kitchen island or want an addition that is less permanent, a one-of-a-kind kitchen table can be the ideal focal point for your new kitchen. A reclaimed wood kitchen table provides ample seating and adds character to the space without worrying about permanent fixtures. These tables work for a variety of spaces, and a farmhouse kitchen table has been a popular choice among homeowners. Don’t have space in your kitchen? Consider adding the reclaimed barn wood dining table to your dining room instead to keep your rustic theme throughout the house!


Kitchens with high ceilings need a little extra attention in order to feel warm and cozy. Ceilings are often considered the fifth wall in a room, and when they’re high, leaving them untouched can often leave the entire room feeling unfinished as well. Using reclaimed wood planks and timber on the ceiling help bring additional character to the room, while finishing the space.


An often overlooked detail, rustic kitchen beams can add a new layer to your custom kitchen design. These can be utilized as ceiling beams or vertical posts to add more rustic details to a kitchen layout. Beams can even be used as shelving in a kitchen design, and an array of shelf thickness can give you the look you desire. 


Wood flooring is popular throughout the home, and particularly in open floor plan kitchens where the same flooring is used in the entire space. Reclaimed wood flooring brings all the warmth and charm of an ordinary wood floor, but with a patina that makes it an instant conversation starter at the same time. With saw marks, nail holes, and a varying patina, a reclaimed floor can look instantly rustic or distressed as well as polished and modern. Either way, it will definitely help enhance your kitchen design.


Reclaimed wood paneling can be used in a variety of ways in and around the kitchen. It can be used to create cabinet facing as well as to make accent walls and surround columns. The pieced wood planks add a lot of movement and variation to the design, spicing up even the most plain, white kitchen. Paired here with a bold red peninsula, the warm tones of the wood wall add contrast which makes for a more interesting design idea.


Reclaimed wood can take on many different uses, styles, and designs. It can be bold and contemporary, or subtle and rustic. It may show the original marks and wear or it can appear brand new. No matter how you use it, however, you’ll be gaining all its history along with its durability and the years of use it still has within it. Many of these ideas can be taken on as a diy project or hired out for more time intensive remodel projects. 

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