Get an Authentic Appearance For Your Exterior With Weathered Wood Siding

March 5, 2020

weathered wood siding

The exterior of a home plays a big role in its value, including how it’s perceived by visitors. So, when the time comes to re-side your house, the material you choose needs to reflect the style of your property. For rustic homes to contemporary dwellings in need of a more unique look, weathered wood siding is the ideal complement to a range of exteriors that need something a little off the beaten path.

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What is Weathered Wood Siding?

real wood siding

Weathered wood siding is real wood siding that’s been reclaimed from barns and other out buildings more than 100 years old. The barn wood has developed a natural patina from being allowed to weather in the sun, rain, and other elements. This has given the barn wood a beautiful patina and color that can’t be replicated with other siding products.

Most of the barn wood used to create this exterior siding comes from old growth trees, and is incredibly hard with enduring durability, so even though it’s already been in use for more than 100 years, it still has decades of use left.

Barn wood siding comes in several plank sizes and styles, so you can easily complement the architectural style of your home. Install it horizontally or vertically in horizontal lap, shiplap, or board-and-batten applications to get an authentically rustic look and attractive exterior for your home or building.

The Benefits of Using Weathered Wood Siding

house exterior wood siding

There are a lot of benefits to using barn wood siding for your home’s exterior siding. The first is the appearance of the wood. Natural wood remains one of the most popular and sought after materials for use in and around homes and businesses. Real wood has been used for centuries partly because of its ready availability, but also because of its appeal; even as other materials have become available, many people still choose either real wood or siding products that look like wood, simply because of the attraction.

Weathered wood has a natural appearance that cannot be replicated, bringing increased attraction and appeal to the homes it’s installed on. The color and texture of the wood grain will vary from plank to plank, giving the entire facade a subtle depth and range that is highly appealing.

Since weathered wood siding is a reclaimed material, there’s also an aspect of sustainability to using this eco-friendly exterior siding. No new trees have been cut and harvested to produce it, and there’s less milling and pollution associated with its use, so you’re making a better choice for the environment.

Once installed, the wood paneling can continue to weather, taking on an even deeper patina as it ages. Because you aren’t painting it, you won’t need to worry about scraping and repainting every few years, lowering the curb appeal in between. This is old growth wood, so it’s highly durable and able to withstand the elements, providing you with years of continued use.

Using Weathered Wood Siding

While antique and reclaimed wood siding is naturally rustic in appearance, it can be used on a wide range of different architectural styles and in a number of different ways. This can enable you to achieve different looks for your lap siding, depending on your personal taste.

Contemporary Homes

contemporary home

Rustic wood products and contemporary structures often work well together. The slight contrast between the older materials and the sleek lines helps make contemporary structures appear warmer and more welcoming, as well as more interesting. Installing the paneling in a shiplap or butt-edged installation can help give the exterior a sleek look, but with the natural wood grain variation and depth the wood can bring.

Mixing Materials

natural wood material

Weathered wood siding is natural wood; it works well with other, new cut woods as well as with other natural materials like fieldstone. It’s possible to use new cut wood as an accent that will stand out against the weathered grey wood, as well as to use fieldstone mixed with the wood to produce a range of looks for the home.

Siding and Timbers

Siding and Timber

Most homes use trim and finishing touches that match the siding in some way to help make a place for the siding around the edges. This home uses large, square timbers at the corners instead. This helps give the property a more substantial appearance, and ties in the weathered grey siding beautifully, creating a soft and natural appearance.

Matching Doors and Accents

doors and accents

Weathered grey siding and reclaimed wood can be used to create a variety of different looks, as well as accent walls for the home. This garage door is made of the same wood, so it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the exterior. Use weathered siding to create doors, accents, and panels to help create the unique look you’re after for your home.

Get an Authentic Exterior with Weathered Wood Siding

Weathered wood has a richness, depth, and color that you won’t find from new wood siding. This environmentally-friendly material can enhance the appearance of any home. If you’re looking for a natural looking lap siding for your exterior, visit Elmwood Reclaimed Timber to find out more about how this unique material can benefit your home.

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