Wooden Paneling in the Bathroom: Give Your Small Space a Makeover With Reclaimed Wood

October 24, 2019

Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathrooms have undergone an enormous change over the last hundred years. They were once carved out of any available space and were completely utilitarian in looks. They slowly evolved into larger spaces that had more coordinated appearances and style until they finally began emerging as the rooms we know them as today. Today’s bathrooms are about blending style, function and comfort together into a cohesive interior design space. 

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So with this emphasis, a need for the bathroom to have a specific look, theme, or style all its own has arisen. It may fit with the rest of the home decor or it may be a dedicated look just for that room. This extends far beyond the normal parts of what you would expect in a bathroom as well, such as the toilet, sink and faucets. Today’s bathrooms also have unique floors, paint colors and wall coverings that can help create or reinforce the interior design of the room. Whether it’s a guest bathroom, master bathroom or small powder room, the array of options for bathroom designs are numerous. 

One look that has already swept through the rest of the home and is now emerging in the bathroom is the wall panel. Wall paneling isn’t new to bathrooms; beadboard and wainscot paneling have been used as bathroom wall panels for decades as a way to help protect the walls when tiling wasn’t the best choice.

But the wall panels most people are now gravitating toward aren’t the old fashioned styles found in old cottages and Victorians. These wall panels have a warm, unique appearance that makes the bathroom more stylish as well as interesting. Reclaimed wood wall panels are the answer when looking for something that will set the interior design of your bathroom apart from the rest. 

Wall paneling is also a quick way to change the design of your room without very much heavy lifting. Wood wall panels come in a variety of styles like shiplap and tongue and groove, so even new diy-ers can feel comfortable with this home improvement project. 

Why Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood

Wood is one of the most versatile and beloved materials used in and around home decor today. People love the warmth, the look, and the character of wood grain. But most wood produced today means that trees must be cut for its production. In an age of climate change and a focus on green building materials, this makes reclaimed wood a very popular and interesting choice.

Reclaimed wood is real wood that is taken from old farmhouses and buildings more than 100 years old. It’s been cleaned, milled, and is ready for use again in your new home improvement project. This old wood is incredibly durable and has years of life left, so using it isn’t compromising on the quality of your home decor.

Best of all, reclaimed wood has a patina, richness, depth, character, and history that mass-produced wall panels can’t match. Instead of a pressed beadboard material that may be made of glues and binders and must be painted before use in the bathroom, reclaimed wood panels let their beauty show.

The wood may be rustic and varied or it may be more uniform in color and style. You may choose to have panels that show saw marks and nail holes for more character or you may choose wood that’s been milled to disguise these marks. No matter which you choose, however, a reclaimed wood for your bathroom wall panels will enhance the space like no other material around.

Ideas To Use Wooden Paneling in Your Bathroom

Reclaimed wood panels can be as unique as your personal bathroom style. Whether you’re opting for a rustic modern bathroom design, a log cabin resort style or something rich and traditional, you’ll find the perfect match for your master bathroom or guest bathroom. Explore some of the bathroom ideas below to find some inspiration for your next bathroom remodel

1. Beadboard Contrast

Beadboard Contrast

If you love the cottage look, consider combining beadboard wainscoting with reclaimed wood wall paneling. The contrast between the textures, direction of the lines and the color of the materials adds a lot of interest to the bathroom. The wainscoting sets off the reclaimed wood beautifully, while the rustic wood paneled walls above bring a lot more interest to the bathroom than a simple white wall could do.

2. Unique Textures

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

One of the benefits of using reclaimed wood is that it often shows marks and signs of its past life. This wood paneling has a rich patina that varies across the boards. It also shows many of the marks that were used in its past production. This adds a richness to your bathroom that other wall decor can’t bring.

Contrast it with a cool-toned wall or tile color, include some industrial bathroom accents or show it off by making it a framed accent wall. There are countless ways you can use reclaimed wood wall paneling in the bathroom and all of them will make your design much more interesting.

3. Natural Accents

Rustic Ceiling

One of the benefits of including reclaimed wood in your bathroom design is the fact that natural wood pairs beautifully with other materials. Whether you want to include some natural stone, plants or any other natural accent in the room, the wood makes a beautiful backdrop and complementary accent. Pair your reclaimed wood paneling with an ungauged slate for more matching texture or pair them with a honed limestone floor for something more subtle. No matter which accents you choose to pair the wood with, it’s sure to blend beautifully.

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover With Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels

Reclaimed wood is beautiful, durable, and the perfect accent to any room. Commonly used in living rooms and dining rooms, this versatile wall paneling product can be used in any room in the home! Add some wood wall panels to your next diy project to bring your bathroom design to the next level. For more design ideas on using reclaimed wood in your bathroom makeover, contact an expert at Elmwood Reclaimed Timber today.

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