7 Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood For Rustic Table Tops and Counters

December 26, 2019

Solid wood is a versatile material that complements nearly any setting. Wood can be contemporary or rustic, light in color, or dark and rich. It can be weathered or sanded smooth, and it can be cut and shaped to fit any dimensions.

For these reasons, wood is one of the most popular materials around for creating tables and countertops. This is true regardless of where you’re installing it or what the style is.

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Reclaimed wood adds another layer of warmth and depth to these dining area designs. Reclaimed wood is real, solid wood that has been sourced from old farmhouses and other buildings more than 100 years old. It can be cut, shaped, and finished just like new cut wood, or it can be left as it was to show original saw marks, nail holes, and patina – all things that can help give it a lot of character and dimension.

Reclaimed Wood Counter and Table Top Design Ideas

Using reclaimed wood on a counter or wood table top can instantly elevate your design, bringing in new depth you didn’t know existed. If you’re considering a new counter or diy table top project and want a versatile, warm, and environmentally friendly material, take a look at these 7 design ideas:

1. Rustic Counter

rustic table top

This unique countertop is made from reclaimed wood table tops that have been placed on old whiskey barrels. The two materials together create a stunning display that’s the focal point of the whole room. The reclaimed barn wood shows a lot of the original saw marks as well as weathering on the surface. This is what helps create a cohesive design with the barrels; they have a similar weathering and rustic surface texture. While the countertop is lighter in color overall, this contrast only serves to deepen the design.

2. Sleek Curves

dark wood table top

Reclaimed wood doesn’t have to be rustic; often it can be cut, sanded, and finished to look like new cut wood. This rich countertop has a smooth finish that lets the grain show through. The edges are clean with a gentle curve that adds a subtle contrast to the geometric angles of the island below. The dark wood balances the darker floor as well, letting the cabinets be the lightest tone in the room.

The lighter sections of grain in the countertop help tie everything together, while the darker tones let this area stand out clearly, becoming the focus of the room.

3. Farmhouse Style Table

farmhouse table top

Farmhouse style kitchens have risen sharply in popularity over the last several years. They have a simplistic design that focuses on utility and on the use of long lasting, natural materials. Wood features prominently in the design in terms of cabinetry, countertops, and flooring as well as on the dining table top. While other kitchens may have an island as the center and focus of the design, the farmhouse style kitchen uses the rustic farmhouse dining table as it’s focus.

This is a heavy-duty, large, and usually rustic wood table. It’s built for use, and the solid wood table top will often get the same amount of use as a countertop would – the kitchen table is often used for meal prep as well as for gathering and eating.

This rustic farmhouse dining table is made from reclaimed wood to match the rest of the kitchen design. The warm tones of the wood are picked up in the flooring and cabinets, while the texture is revisited in the bricks nearby.

4. Transitional Table Top

modern wood table top

Transitional design combines one or more elements from at least two designs, blending them in equal measure to create an entirely new style. This restaurant creates a transition beautifully through their use of wood. The walls are covered in a rustic wood panel that sets the tone for the style and color of the room.

The restaurant tables are made from the same reclaimed material, so the color and depth match, but instead of being rustic, the rectangular table tops have been sanded and cut into a smooth, more contemporary style. Paired with rich leather chairs, this creates a balance between rustic and modern that invites people to stay a while.

5. Mixed Materials

walnut table top

When creating a new dining room table, it can be tempting to create the entire piece out of the same materials, but this isn’t always the right look. This dining area table features a rich wood top with clean lines and a prominent grain. It’s paired with a metal table base that has similar clean lines, but a more contemporary finish. This lets the wood table top be the bridge point between the table legs and the rustic brick walls nearby. This wood dining table design is modern, with a nod to the rustic elements already in place, so it’s comfortable without being sterile.

6. Wood Balance

farmhouse table

There are a lot of wood elements in this kitchen, all with varying colors and degrees of finish and texture. The key to using so many different elements in one space is to create balance between them. The cabinetry in the room is lighter than the other woods. It’s also cleaner, with a sharper edge and less rustic detail than the other pieces. The countertop on the island, therefore, serves as a bridge between the very rustic ceiling beams and columns and the less rustic (but much darker) floor. It does this beautifully, tying the various pieces together into one harmonious design.

7. Rustic Peninsula

reclaimed wood tabletop

The peninsula in this kitchen helps divide the area, defining where rooms begin and end. So it needs to be prominent in its design in order to do its job properly. It achieves this by using a clean white cabinet with a smooth finish paired with a very rustic reclaimed wood countertop. The wood has saw marks and a patina that contrasts with the cabinet. To keep the space from becoming disconnected, the floor has many of the same tones as the countertop, with a smoother finish. This lets the countertop blend with the rest of the design, while still standing on its own.

Create Your Ideal Rustic Table Top or Counter With Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Wood makes a beautiful countertop, island or kitchen table. It’s rich, warm, and inviting, as well as long- lasting. If you’re considering wood for a new countertop or table top, make sure you pay attention to reclaimed wood table tops as well, to gain all the benefits of wood along with a rich depth and finish that only antique barn wood can bring. Wood tops can also be used for a variety of home spaces, like a wood coffee table in the living room or a desk top in an office. Consider any of these design ideas for your home to get the ideal addition to your interior design.

For more design inspiration, contact Elmwood Reclaimed Timber to speak with an expert.

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