14 Great Wood Flooring Ideas To Consider

April 1, 2022

Hardwood flooring is a popular flooring type in many spaces. Every project and space is unique and choosing the perfect type of wood flooring to complement your interior design is not an easy task. From the entryway to the dining room to the backdoor, you want to choose a flooring type that fits your interior design and your lifestyle. Not only are there several looks and styles of hardwood flooring available, but not all wood floors are created equal. It’s important to make sure that the wood floors are precision milled to industry standards and have the highest durability to withstand the high-traffic of daily life in the location they will be installed.  

14 Wood Flooring Design Ideas

Wood floors are made from a wide range of wood species and utilize a variety of stains, pigments, and finishes to create a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Flooring options range from  smooth new cut premium grade woods to an original textured reclaimed product and there is something available that will fit just about every design style. All of the wood floors have their own distinct look and color ranges that will add warmth and character to your next remodel project. Check out these 14 stylish design ideas to incorporate a wood floor into your home remodel. 

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1. Blend Rustic Hardwoods

Coastal Collage Flooring

Coastal collage is a popular choice that is comprised of a medley of reclaimed hardwoods that retain original rustic saw marks and its original aged patina. The floor brings a wide range of natural color tones from each unique species of wood as well as a clear representation of its rustic past. This makes coastal collage a natural choice when it comes to choosing a reclaimed hardwood floor for your diy project.

2. Create Warmth with Golden Colors

Durango Sunset Flooring

Durango Sunset reclaimed wood floor is inspired by the distinct tones of that perfect sunset out west. The solid wood planks are an antique grade mix of softwoods like pine, spruce and douglas fir. These wood planks come from the inside cuts of reclaimed timbers and showcase their natural color tones in a beautiful smooth plank. This wood floor is versatile and makes for a beautiful reclaimed wood floor. Plus, reclaimed wood products are eco-friendly!

3. Reclaimed Rustic Oak

Reclaimed Rustic Oak

Reclaimed rustic oak flooring is a mix of red and white oak with the original antique patina and saw marks on the planks face. When you think of a reclaimed rustic oak hardwood floor, this is typically what comes to mind. The wood planks can be milled narrow or wide and have the durability to continue standing the test of time. A classic choice for a wide range of flooring remodels in both residential and commercial floor design also make this a cornerstone reclaimed hardwood floor.

4. Create a Timeless Design with Antique Oak

Antique Oak Floor

Antique Oak is not your typical oak hardwood floor. The red and white oak woods are reclaimed from century old barns and buildings and they bare the patina and character to prove it. The wood planks are cut from the interior of reclaimed timbers making them a more eco-friendly choice than newly cut wood products. This hardwood floor is full of character from its previous use and has a smooth sanded surface. If a more subdued reclaimed wood floor is what you are looking for, then look no further than this timeless reclaimed hardwood.

5. Add Elegance with Reclaimed Antique Elm

Antique Elm Flooring

Antique Elm is a durable hardwood that does not come to mind for most homeowners looking for the perfect hardwood. That’s what makes it such a unique choice. This light wood features a recognizable tone as well as a long straight grain to create a distinct look that is all its own. Elm is a timeless hardwood floor for that traditional design. The light wood floors showcase subtle reminders of its reclaimed past while keeping up a premium high end appearance.

6. Wide Plank Heart Pine Brings Rustic Perfection

Rustic Heart Pine

Rustic heart pine wood is one of our most popular flooring types and a natural choice for a beautiful wide plank wood floor. The joists that the wood comes from tend to be long, straight and flat with an original circle sawn texture that can be retained for a heavy or light rustic surface. The golden orange color tones make this a distinct floor that will brighten any space.

The width of the planks you use for your floor will have a direct result in its appearance. The more narrow the planks, the busier the floor becomes, while the wider the planks, the more quiet it looks. This room looks restful and welcoming with a wide plank floor that lets the natural grain and patina show through.

7. Walnut Provides Rich Chocolate Tones 

Walnut Wood Flooring

American Walnut might just be the one when considering a medium to dark wood that will always be a timeless classic. This sought after wood is prized for its natural brown color tones and figured graining. The planks can be milled in a traditional grade that will retain more character in the form of knots and figuring, or the wood can be taken one step further for a premium grade that will eliminate most knots and provide a more formal look to the floor.

8. Wide Plank White Oak Wood Flooring

European White Oak Flooring

European White Oak is a special wood product that is prized for its ability to produce beautiful wide width and long length planks. The oak from Europe tends to have an open and more figured grain pattern compared to the American straight grained species. The European oaks also have a higher tannin content from the soil that allows them to be treated with a special process that will produce a deep right color without a traditional stain. It’s a product that is becoming a popular choice for these unique attributes that make for a one-of-a-kind white oak floor.

9. Traditional White Oak is a Classic

Traditional White Oak

American White oak is a cornerstone product in the hardwood flooring and wood industry in general. White oak is a stable wood that makes for a great durable, long lasting wood floor. Over the years oak has gotten a bad reputation from the golden yellow tones that it was finished in. The reality is that the oak makes a great base whether you want a dark wood floor or a floor with a natural finish. A white oak floor will be well-suited in both home improvement projects and commercial designs in a wide range of flooring trends. 

10. Create Texture and Movement 

Traditional White Oak
When you have a wide open expanse of space, having a floor that has some interest and character can help make that space a focal point. Rather than a pattern that might get repetitive, this textured floor offers something to look at that enhances the space, rather than competing with it.

11. Multi-Colored Hardwoods

Traditional White Oak
Many hardwood species have some variation of color from plank to plank, but that variation is often subtle and has more to do with the grain pattern than the color of the wood planks. By using a more varied wood or using a blend of woods, you can get a lot more interest from your floor. This floor ranges from very pale cream to a rich brown, and it has more depth because of it.

12. Create a Long, Light Corridor

Traditional White Oak
This glass-walled corridor needs to draw the eye and the visitor to the end of the hall. What better way to do that than with a wood floor whose planks help elongate and point the way. The light color perfectly matches the wood and colors used outside of the corridor, which are easily seen through the glass.

13. Varying Plank Size

Traditional White Oak
Another benefit to using antique wood is the ability to mix and match plank sizing. This reclaimed oak floor not only has a rich patina and wear marks, it also varies in width from plank to plank, which makes the floor more interesting, and adds some dimension to the family room. 

14. Hints of Gray

Traditional White Oak
Gray has been the reigning champion of interior colors for the last several years, and shows no signs of leaving any time soon. This floor has undertones of gray in it, despite being a warm color throughout. This allows you to use gray accents in the family room, and to go for another, bolder color in the future as well.

Create Your Ideal Space

There are many ways that hardwood floors can be used or combined with other materials, so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect match for your next diy or remodel project. Use these design ideas as a starting point to create your perfect space. Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring options for its appearance, durability and longevity. At Elmwood Reclaimed Timber, we have a range of wood flooring types to fit most any application. From hickory to pine and everything in between, we’ll help you find the right wood species, stain and finish for your home improvement project. Contact our team today to get started!