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Reclaimed Elm Flooring

American elm is light in color and incorporates tans and medium reddish-brown shades in the heartwood. Elm is rich in character with knotholes and color streaks. This elegant, attractive hardwood flooring also showcases a stunning straight grain pattern.This has excellent durability, and with proper underlayment, it will last a lifetime. While it is not as hard as other wood species, like hickory, oak or acacia, it is still a resilient hardwood flooring and suitable for even high-traffic areas of your home or business.

From the Civil War until the early 20th century, American elm was the most widely planted shade tree. During the 1876 centennial, Americans planted elms in their yards by the tens of thousands as a tribute to the liberty elm that George Washington and our founding fathers met prior to the American Revolution. By the 1970s, the American elm tree populations were devastated by Dutch elm disease. Today, true American elm, just like chestnut, can only be reclaimed from old barns and rural structures, making elm flooring rare and unique.

Elmwood’s hardwood floors are guaranteed to be made with only high quality materials. Whether you choose or reclaimed wood, satisfaction is assured.

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Random Widths: 3″-5″, 3″-7″
Specified Widths: 3″-7″
Thickness: 3/4″, 5/8″, or 1/2″
Lengths: 2′-12′ Random or Specified Lengths
Surface Texture: Sanded Smooth
Finish: Pre Finished or Unfinished
Fire Retardant: Optional

Milled Profile

Shiplap Milled Profile Icon Shiplap
Square Milled Profile Icon Square
Tongue and Groove Milled Profile Icon Tongue and Groove


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At Elmwood, we want to help make your installation project as stress-free as possible by providing recommendations for an ideal install. We are one of the only flooring retailers that will take care of our customers by walking them through care and recommended maintenance of their new wood floors, ensuring durability for decades to come. When the project is complete, you will truly appreciate the look and feel of your new elm hardwood floors.

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