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At Elmwood, we proudly offer finished or prefinished wide plank floors, including reclaimed heart pine flooring, made from a wide variety of American wood species. Our planks are available in specific and random widths and lengths to suit any project, including treads for your staircase. Whether you choose our reclaimed antique heart pine or rustic heart pine, we are confident you’ll find a type of heart pine wide plank flooring that you’ll love. Our expert millwork ensures that every plank embodies the timeless beauty of heart pine!

Reclaimed heart pine, also known as “the wood that built America,” is highly sought-after due to its tight grain patterns, tight growth rings, and occasional knot. Sometimes referred to as southern yellow pine or longleaf pine, the beautiful color variations in the sapwood and heartwood are prominent and deep. Refined sawn lines, nail holes, and vertical grain give each square foot of these reclaimed pine planks unique character.

Heart pine, a type of softwood derived from pine trees, is renowned for its tight growth rings and rich patina. It also commonly embodies old-growth pine from colonial times with tongue and groove profiles on the wood paneling. A rich patina is commonly found on reclaimed barn wood, allowing these antique wood floors to have a distinguished appearance.

Homeowners choose new heart pine floors for many reasons, including their durability and unmatched appearance. From modern farmhouse to new home styles, antique heart pine flooring is truly a homeowner’s dream.

Heart pine, abundant in the southeast United States, is reclaimed from industrial buildings and old growth. When you choose to install a reclaimed heart pine floor, you’re choosing a piece of history for your home or business.

If you have questions about our reclaimed pine flooring, please contact Elmwood anytime! Our dedicated team of hardwood experts is ready to help.

Benefits of Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring

Reclaimed heart pine is an ideal wood flooring choice for more than aesthetics alone. There are many reasons why many of our customers choose heart pine wood.

Guidance for your Ideal Installation

Our expert team ensures you have the information you need for an efficient and effective installation process. Our team knows how important this investment is to you, so we provide best practices for your reclaimed wood floors to be installed properly, for lasting durability and peace of mind.

Low Maintenance

Our hardwood flooring will not only be a beautiful new feature in your home, but it is also low maintenance. With the right installation practices and because of our high quality wood, you won’t have to worry about dents or cracks, even in high traffic areas of your home. Our team will guide you through the best care tips to keep your plank floors in great shape.


Reclaimed heart pine wood floors will never go out of style. Salvaged from old buildings and barns, these reclaimed wood planks have unique characteristics such as nail holes and saw marks that show their history. They pair beautifully with any design and decor vision. The versatility is simply timeless!


Our pricing strategy at Elmwood is simple — we don’t overcharge. We know our reclaimed wood is high quality, but our pricing structure is fair and competitive. This goes not only for our gorgeous heart pine, but for our other woods as well.

Use Cases for Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring

Reclaimed heart pine flooring is used in a myriad of ways because of its unmatched finish. Pine has been used for furniture, shelving, ships, barns and more! Heart pine once framed four of every five houses in Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas, and was used as flooring in Thomas Jefferson’s and George Washington’s homes.

Get Started on Your Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring Project

Want to learn more about our reclaimed heart pine flooring or check out other types of plank flooring? Contact us about pricing and be sure to explore all flooring options. Our expert Elmwood team is always here to chat about flooring as you plan your interior design project. Our showroom is also open for our customers to see the beautiful hardwood floors up close. Contact us today!

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