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Antique Heart Pine Flooring

Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine

Antique heart pine flooring is one of our most popular woods due to its gorgeous color tones and attractive vertical grain patterns. Color variations range from a creamier pinkish-tan on the sapwood to rich golds, oranges and reds found in the heartwood. This beautiful natural wood can also feature seafoam green shades because of the patina

Whether you’re revitalizing a historic structure or furnishing a modern home, our antique reclaimed heart pine flooring will effortlessly complement your interior decor. Its tight grain patterns and well-defined growth rings make it an ideal choice for both contemporary and turn-of-the-century homes. Heart pine floors are the heaviest and hardest softwood in the world, ensuring long-term durability. With a Janka rating of 1,225, heart pine is softer than red oak and white oak but harder than walnut or maple, a great option for your floors!

While it was widely used throughout our history for traditional flooring, construction and dock pilings, reclaimed heart pine remains the timber of choice for many. During the industrial revolution, old growth heart pine was sourced from longleaf pine trees and southern yellow pine trees. Today, heart pine is reclaimed predominantly from old buildings and warehouses across America. Each reclaimed pine wood plank is unique with nail holes, pest marks and natural weathering. 

Still unsure which wood floors are best for your space? We are always here to support you at Elmwood Reclaimed Timber! Our team brings expertise in all things reclaimed wood because you deserve a team who can help you make the right choice. We can’t wait for you to enjoy your new hardwood floors for many years. Browse examples of this wood flooring and many other types of wood species in our photo gallery. We have a variety of wide plank flooring options to choose from, all made from high-quality wood to match any interior design style.

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Random Widths: 3″-5″, 3″-7″, 5″-9″
Specified Widths: 3″-7″
Thickness: 3/4″, 5/8″, or 1/2″
Lengths: 2-12′ Random or Specified Lengths
Surface Texture: Sanded Smooth
Finish: Pre Finished or Unfinished
Fire Retardant: Optional

Milled Profile

Shiplap Milled Profile Icon Shiplap
Square Milled Profile Icon Square
Tongue and Groove Milled Profile Icon Tongue and Groove


Pillowed Egde Icon Pillowed
Square Egde Icon Square


Our team at Elmwood believes that the job is not complete until you are happy with every square foot of your new hardwood flooring. We will ensure you are familiar with proper care and maintenance so your reclaimed wood flooring will last a lifetime. Feel free to inquire about any questions you have!

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