Reclaimed Oak Flooring

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At Elmwood, we offer finished or prefinished wide plank floors made from a wide variety of wood species. With so many options, we know you’ll find a beautiful reclaimed oak wood flooring choice that fits perfectly in your home!

Recycled lumber and reclaimed oak dates back to old milling methods, used commonly in construction for hundreds of years. Because of its hardness and durability, oak floors will last through generations, even in high traffic areas of your home like the dining room and kitchen.

Reclaimed oak flooring is highly valued for its bold grain patterns and varying color tones. From light honey to nutty brown shades, reclaimed wood floors are truly remarkable and can be applied to any interior style. Sourced from old barns, the floor boards offer unique characteristics like worm holes, nail holes and saw marks. A rich patina is common on reclaimed barn wood, giving the oak flooring a distinguished appearance.

At Elmwood Reclaimed Timber, we have an expert team ready to answer any of your questions! Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our wide plank flooring options.

Benefits of Reclaimed Oak Flooring

At Elmwood, our reclaimed oak flooring is customizable and handcrafted, one plank at a time. Whether you choose straight sawn oak sourced from old barns or beautiful resawn red oak, we are here to install a floor you love!

Easy Installation

Our expert installers know that a proper installation process is the key to success. Properly installed oak floors are a lasting investment for your home. We are ready to guide you through pricing and proper maintenance so you feel great about your flooring purchase.

Low Maintenance

We only carry high quality, real wood so you can have peace of mind that your new floors will not only be durable through the high traffic areas of your home, but will also carry so much character. Reclaimed oak flooring is an excellent low maintenance choice and will stand the test of time with proper cleaning and care.

Environmentally Friendly

Reclaimed oak floors are actually more environmentally friendly than you might think! Using reclaimed wood gives new purpose to old wood that may otherwise be tossed aside. And since this wood has lived a full life, it’s a strong choice for your home.

Timeless Design

Reclaimed oak is a classic, timeless choice for your home. Oak floors are a versatile choice because they pair beautifully with both classic and modern home styles. Unlike trends that come and go, your oak floors won’t go out of style. And when you sell your home someday, hardwood floors are always a coveted feature because of their timeless appeal.

Use Cases for Reclaimed Oak Flooring

Because of its beautiful finish, reclaimed oak has various different uses from decks and wall paneling to furniture, countertops, shelves and everything in between. Well-known buildings known for their beautiful reclaimed oak wood are the Mason Residence in Los Angeles and the Steve Madden store in New York City. Be sure to check out reclaimed oak projects all over the world for interior design inspiration ideas!

Get Started on Your Reclaimed Oak Flooring Project

Interested in learning more about our reclaimed oak flooring? Contact us about pricing and explore all your options. Our Elmwood expert team is here to answer your questions about oak hardwood floors as you plan your interior design project. Our showroom is also open for our customers to see the beautiful hardwood floors up close. Check out all of our oak flooring products today!

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