Modern Wood Wall Paneling: A Fresh Look At A Timeless Material

Modern Wood Wall Paneling
June 29, 2017

Classic materials are used in modern spaces to create fresh and modern looks that feel natural and are timeless. Ultra modern and minimalist spaces can often feel cold and clinical without the addition of warmer, more organic materials. Sometimes all it takes to make a project more inviting is a few natural elements that add a little texture and color.

Modern rustic has become a mainstream trend in architecture and design, encompassing clean straight lines with rustic materials. The principals of biophilia can help to explain this, and make good sense of why there is a growing demand for the looks we see today in modern spaces. Basically, the idea is to incorporate the benefits and feeling of the natural environment into the buildings and spaces we inhabit day to day. This has a very positive impact on the way we interact at work and at home. 

So, how in practice do we accomplish this? Some of the more obvious ways include adding large windows to let more light in, as well as create greater views into the outdoors. Adding plants and green elements is a big plus, and, not only makes spaces look great but also can improve air quality as well. Natural materials like wood and stone are also a being heavily used to add warmth, color and texture. All of these elements are proven to have a calming effect on inhabitants and increase happiness as well as productivity.


Coastal Collage Wall
Rustic Wood Accent Walls Add A Lot Of Depth To Modern Design
Modern Wood Wall Paneling
Walnut Walls Are Deep, Dark And Lovely

Spaces where people gather benefit from being both attractive and comfortable. Natural elements can make these places, whether a conference room or a common break space more enjoyable and provide better utilization. Wood walls are a great way to add natural materials and character without becoming overwhelming.

Antique Oak Wall
Antique Oak Wall Paneling

Breaking up the space, reclaimed antique oak paneling adds character to retail spaces, and in this case draws attention to the second floor displays. The use of focused lighting fixtures that are not only attractive but also functional highlights the wood. Using wood on the ceiling is a great wax to incorporate a natural material while keeping everything below clean and organized.

White Oak Paneling
The Lighting Shows The Wood As A Work Of Art
Barn Wood Wall
Clean And Inviting, Rustic Wood Walls Create Seperation

From one area to another, there needs to be a feeling of separation. Using wood walls in a modern space is the perfect way to differentiate rooms, giving the feeling of different purposes. Reception and entry areas are the first thing visitors will see when arriving, this is a great place to make a strong first impression by adding inviting elements that feel comfortable and classic.

Modern Walnut Wall
Modern Walnut Walls And Panels

Creating places that have a reasonable amount of privacy, while still feeling open and transparent is an art form. Dark and gloomy rooms are a thing of the past in modern design, incorporating natural light keeps people alert and is much healthier. Adding panels made from natural wood allows the inhabitants to be flexible with the space and adds texture and color to the entire environment.

Modern Wood Wall
Bench Seating Is Incorporated Into The Wall
Modern Barn Wood Wall Paneling
Barn Wood Creates A Great Backdrop To The Signage

Built in features are stylish and show a level of planning for permanence. When executed properly adding elements that are functional as well as attractive can be a fun way to make a simple statement. Benches, nooks and shelves are all good examples of built in furnishings that can be accomplished easily with stellar results.

Reclaimed Modern Wall
Reclaimed Rustic Wood Paneling

Creating a focal point in a space draws attention to the important details. Pizza is a food we all enjoy from time to time, seeing how it's made is always fun. The rustic reclaimed wood paneling in this modern pizza shop puts the kitchen on full display and really enhances the overall dining experience.

Modern Wood Hallway Wall
A Long Hallway Clad With Wood Feels Warn And Inviting
Mixed Wood Wall
Mixed Woods Break Up Large Walls And Add Interest

Large and long spaces can be boring and unfriendly. Adding natural materials with variation can help make them more appealing as well as create a sense of warmth and purpose. In most spaces, hallways don't get the attention they deserve, they merely serve a purpose. Using wood walls can make the journey more of a destination and enhance user experience.

Modern Office Elm Wood Wall
Reclaimed Elm Paneling

When designing a modern space it is important to remember and plan for all details big and small. While the overall look and feel will most likely be clean and crisp, adding natural organic elements will help to make the space more inviting with a warm atmosphere. From reclaimed rustic planks to more modern feeling sustainably harvested woods, the natural grain pattern and organic variation of wood paneling can be just what's needed to set the space apart.