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While walnut wood is commonly thought of for its deep chocolate hues, our walnut wall panels actually come in an array of colors. From the very dark chocolate to the lighter Sea Shell or Fresh Powder, we have a selection that will suit many personal styles. All of our walnut wood panels come in random widths from 3 inches to 8 inches, and specified widths up to 10 inches. The lengths range up to 12 feet. If you’re not sure what building materials to order for your project, our dedicated team can help you figure out how many panels you’ll need to cover the square feet of your interior.

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We love our walnut wall panels, but maybe they’re not the right fit for your specific project. That’s okay! We have a large selection of wood wall panels to choose from, including red oak, white oak, hickory, pine and barnwood. Check out our main paneling page for more options. 

As the only dark wood native to North America, American walnut is well-known for its deep chocolate or coffee color. Our walnut wall panels are created from high-quality, real wood that can be used as wall covering in many settings in both homes and businesses.

The American black walnut (also called the Eastern black walnut) is most often used for woodworking because it’s easy to work with for carving and has good bending qualities. Due to its stately appearance, walnut is often used for formal furniture and musical instruments. These decorative wall panels can also be used to elevate your family room, living room or any living space. Whether your home features a mid-century modern design or industrial feel, our wood panels can fit into a variety of interior designs.

This wood species is typically straight-grained, but can sometimes have waves or curls which enhances the character of the wood planks. Our walnut wood wall panels are carefully crafted to showcase the distinct pattern of the grain and bring out the beauty of this natural wood. Whether you panel entire walls or use it for smaller accents, walnut is a lovely addition to any home or business. Custom-made millwork allows walnut wood to be used in many home improvement projects, such as trim, moulding, wall decor, and ceiling panels.

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Benefits of Walnut Wall Panels

Discover the benefits of adding walnut wall panels as a featured design in your home or business. Whether you’re creating a feature wall or a bar backsplash, walnut has countless benefits to choose from – though we’re just going to list a few. 

Easy Installation

Walnut is prized by installers for being easy to work with in its natural form. As wood wall planks walnut works easily with hand and machine tools, and nails and glues well. Shiplap, square, and tongue and groove profiles mean our panels also fit well together in a variety of ways.


Strong and durable, walnut wood panels make an excellent choice for any diy project. Walnut wood is resistant to decay and has good shock resistance. While it has good bending qualities that make it easy to work with, it doesn’t usually warp due to changes in heat or humidity.


It’s no wonder walnut is the top pick for formal furniture! The rich, dark hues of walnut wood adds a luxurious air to any room – and these wood panels will do the same! Walnut wood is typically straight-grained with occasional waves that add an attractive feature to the wood. It also holds stain very well for an exceptional finish.

Added Insulation

Wood wall planks help to increase the insulation of your home by keeping rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Wall paneling can also help increase the privacy in certain rooms by providing a sound dampening effect wherever they’re installed. The benefits of these wall panels are both beauty and practicality!

Use Cases for Walnut Paneling

We have clients across the nation that are making decorative wall panels a focal point of their home or business. Walnut wall paneling can be used in many ways, including accent walls, backsplashes, and ceiling panels. Check out our portfolio of projects to get inspired! There are an assortment of design ideas to help spark your next DIY project.  

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