Types Of Wood Paneling: Creating Great Design For Walls And Ceilings

May 9, 2017

Wood paneling has officially made a comeback, today there are many kinds of wood and species available as well as a wide variety of uses. The reclaimed lumber industry has been a natural fit for these trends and lends itself well to being installed in a commercial and residential wall and ceiling applications. The woods tell a great story and have so much natural character from the decades spent in barns and industrial buildings. Much of this character also comes from how the wood was cut and the blades that were used as these saw marks can be retained and make for a beautiful rustic design. 

The beautiful thing about wall and ceiling paneling is its broad design use and its ability to function in almost any design style. Clean modern woods have a place as do heavy rustic planks with saw marks and nail holes. We tend to see of sustainably harvested freshly milled woods being used on walls in a more modern design. These woods tend to be sanded smooth and have a soft natural finish applied that is low sheen helps create a warm natural setting. Our rustic and reclaimed woods are so versatile and find themselves in modern industrial office spaces to a rural mountain cabin and everything in between.  The woods can be installed with or without a finish, but a finish will tend to help maintain the look and beauty of the wood while also providing a nice soft glow to the woods. 


Rustic Barn Paneling

Rustic woods set the tone for this attic oasis

Barn Paneling

Natural Barn Paneling and Beams create a kitchen with Rustic Elegance

Natural barn paneling and solid or faux wood pretty much go hand in hand when it comes to residential spaces. The rustic paneling creates a beautiful backdrop for the reclaimed beams. The beams paired with a nice wood paneling give a decorative element and adds even more charm to the space. The rustic woods in the attic above showcase how a natural oiled product can really create a rich beautiful glow while also maintaining the natural look and feel of the reclaimed woods and the ceiling in the kitchen gives a nice example of keeping the woods raw and unfinished while still creating an elegant setting. 

Rustic Heart Pine Paneling

Rustic Heart Pine Paneling

Its not hard to see why creative design is drawn to these beautiful applications of reclaimed wood covered walls. The woods have a way of brings a calm and relaxed vibe to the room or space that they are installed. This is important when thinking about how we interact with design and how it makes us feel. 


Rustic Barn Paneling

Natural Barn Paneling from floor to ceiling!

Natural Barn Paneling

A Bright modern space with a touch of cozy barn wood

Reclaimed barn wood paneling makes a great impression in a restaurant as just a small feature wall or as a floor to ceiling entrance. The possibilities are endless and the looks and textures are as well. 

Rustic Wood Restaurant Wall

Rustic Wood Restaurant Wall

While rustic reclaimed wood paneling first might come to mind, planed and smooth paneling options also have their place too. Reclaimed wood is often cut from the inside of large beams and lumber and the result is a bright and beautiful wood that has a distinct look and feel that is perfect for any wall or ceiling project. 

White Oak Wood Wall

White Oak in minimalist modern office space

Reclaimed Accent Wall office

Soft clean wood adds charm to this corner office

Sustainably harvested hardwoods and antique grade reclaimed woods often find themselves as the perfect paneling choice for an office setting. The subtle charm and character is a beautiful choice for creating an inviting professional workspace that promotes health and wellbeing. These woods can be finished and create a nice easy to maintain surface that will be in vogue for years to come. 

Office Reclaimed Wood Wall

Antique Elm Paneling

The versatility of wood wall paneling is what makes it such a great product. Not only is it a great way to add beauty to design, but it promotes a healthy working or living space for all who are present in the space. The natural wood walls create an atmosphere that reduces stress and creates a space that feels welcoming and comfortable and looks really good too.

Reclaimed Oak Ceiling

Reclaimed Oak paneling for the win

Grey Barn Wood Paneling

Milled Grey Barn Paneling creates a stunning contrast

No matter if you choose to utilize a sustainable harvested new wood or a reclaimed wood, the results will be stunning and add significant benefit to your project. The natural beauty is something that everyone can appreciate and every space benefits from. When choosing your wood paneling products, it’s important to know and understand the source of the material and make sure that the woods are properly milled. 

Rustic White Oak


An open commercial setting showcases the beauty of sustainably harvested rustic white oak paneling. The rustic hardwood is one of many great natural wood options that is sure to add a warm natural element into any.

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