9 Multi-Colored Wall Paneling Design Ideas

August 5, 2019

Wall paneling has become one of the hottest and most popular ways to add some interest and dimension to a room. Creating an accent wall or adding some texture or a different color to one section of a room has long been a recommended interior design technique for upping the style in both homes and commercial spaces. 

Wood paneling for walls has helped take this to another level, adding warmth and character to rooms as well as interest and color. 

While all wood has subtle variations in grain and color, most wall panels tend to be fairly uniform. This is beneficial for spaces that already have a lot going on and need a more quiet backdrop. But, for rooms that need a focal point, a multi-colored wall panel can have a major impact on the style of the space. These panels are made up of different pieces of wood that may be different species or have come from different locations. The result has a lot more color, movement, and interest than even a standard wood wall panel.

Colored Wall Paneling Design Ideas

Colored wall paneling can be dramatic or subtle depending on placement within a room. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these design ideas.

1. Raising the Style

Rustic White Oak Ceiling

Rustic white oak ceiling

If your home or office has some dramatic ceilings, consider installing some colored wall panels in this area. The richness and variation of the wood paneling colors really catches the eye, and draws it upward. This can make the walls seem taller than they are, while also highlighting the unique architecture and skylight. The same panels are used on the doors as well, helping to tie the two areas together and prevent the walls from looking too stark. 

2. Subtle Richness

subtly colored wall panels

Subtly colored rustic woods

Whether this project is in a residential or commercial space, you likely have some hallways to contend with. Hallways can be tricky spaces to decorate, because they’re long and narrow and easily overwhelmed.

These subtly colored wall panels make the ideal finish for any corridor. They add a lot of warmth to the space, making it feel cozy, rather than utilitarian.

3. Colorful Wainscot

Colorful wall paneling

Colorful wall paneling

Wainscotting is frequently used in formal spaces, but it also makes a great addition to restaurants, offices, and living rooms. Colorful wall paneling laid in a vertical pattern helps to draw the eye and emphasizes the height of the walls. Wainscoting can be chair rail height or extend nearly to the ceiling, so you can customize the height to match the style and needs of the space. 

4. Dramatic Accent

Colorful wood wall paneling

Grey barn wood accent wall

Many commercial spaces from hotels to restaurants need something that will make an impact on guests as soon as they arrive. Accent walls have been one of the go-to styles for getting that impact, but it can be tough to balance impact with a design that’s also subtle enough not to clash with your business’s brand. 

Colorful wood wall paneling makes this easy. It’s got enough variation to be eye-catching, but it’s still warm and welcoming, becoming a backdrop for your logo or brand. 

5. Bar Frame

multi color bar wall paneling

Natural barn wood walls

One of the best things about wood paneling for walls is the way that it can be used in so many different areas and applications. In this case, it makes the ideal frame for this kitchen and bar. 

The colors of the wood paneling perfectly match the lighting for the decor. The colors are also dark enough to add some contrast to the lighter tables in the restaurant, which adds a lot of dimension to the design. 

6. Rustic Color

colored wall panels

Reclaimed antique oak

Wood wall panels can be made up of wood taken from many sources. Reclaimed wood wall panels make this even easier, by allowing you to blend woods taken from different species as well as for various applications. Reclaimed wood wall panels like this one add even more color to the design with unique things like patina, saw marks, and nail holes. This sets the panel apart from others, by giving it more interest and a place for the eye to rest.

7. Layered Paneling

wall panel colors

Reclaimed wood makes a statement

Colored wall panels that have an overall light tone can also use shadow to create different effects in the space. These wall panels are set at different depths from one another, which allows the edges to cast shadows where they meet. The effect is interesting, adding some contrasting lines to the horizontal wood, as well as added color and dimension. This kind of wall paneling would be ideal in a reception area, conference room, or a family room in a home.

8. Dark Contrast

contrasting wall panels

Contrasting wall panels

Colored wood wall panels don’t need to be subtle in their variation. These wall panels throw in some very dark wood pieces, periodically, against a lighter blend. This makes the darker areas stand out starkly, which draws and holds the eye better than a more quiet blend. This kind of colored wall panel is ideal for spaces that need a little shaking up or that would be too quiet without some kind of focus or whimsy in the design. 

9. Varying Movement

colored wood paneling

Wood paneling can add depth to the space

The way that the wood is positioned on the walls can change the way that you view the colors of the wall panels. This area showcases the same colored wood paneling in two areas, but changes the position of the wood between them. This calls more attention to the shading and variation in the bar area, because they’re emphasizing the height and shape of the bar. The rest of the paneling in the room is helping to create a cohesive look, but without calling as much attention to the space.

Consider Multi-Colored Wall Paneling for Your Space

Whether you’re adding some color to an office or some warmth to a living room, it’s hard to go wrong with wooden paneling for walls. Subtle or dramatic, wood adds interest and depth anywhere that it’s installed. And when you add in variations in stains, patina, and wood species and grain, you can get a lot of dimension out of wood paneling. Use these design ideas as inspiration, and visit Elmwood Reclaimed Timber for more information and ideas.

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