Achieve a Distressed Look with Grey Wood Wall Paneling

March 7, 2019

Rustic, cottage, farmhouse, and rustic-modern interior designs are incredibly popular right now. Whether this style is infused throughout a space or included as an accent, adding a rustic touch to your decor is a great way of adding some personality and character to a room.

There are many ways that you can achieve this look, but one of the most effective and versatile ways is to include some barnwood paneling. Barnwood paneling has a grey patina and a rustic texture that combined give any space the distressed look you’re after. These grey wood wall panels can become a backdrop to many other designs or they can become a focal point within a room when used as an accent.

Grey wood wall paneling is incredibly versatile, allowing you to use it in many settings and in a multitude of ways.

Barnwood Paneling

Part of what makes grey wood wall paneling made from barnwood so appealing is its authenticity. Barnwood paneling is made from reclaimed wood taken from barns and outbuildings that are more than 100 years old. The boards are cleaned, denailed, and milled to be used again as a wall paneling

The wood gets its color patina from the natural weathering and aging process that occurred during its first use. The color varies from a rich natural brown to a weathered grey. Due to the natural variation inherent in the wood and the product, the wall paneling will have a lot of depth. This isn’t a flat, painted grey wall panel; these distressed panels have a natural appeal and a patina that can enhance any room.

Grey Wood Wall Paneling Design Ideas

Using distressed barnwood paneling is a great way to update your interiors. Rather than having a flat wall, the paneling gives texture, movement, and color to the room. The paneling can be used over the entirety of the room or as an accent in areas above wainscotting, behind reception areas in businesses, or above mantels.

Check out these five design ideas for inspiration on how you could incorporate grey wood wall paneling into your own space.

1. Rustic Backdrop

rustic grey wood wall paneling

1. Rustic Backdrop

This natural rustic wall creates a backdrop that can be seen as soon as you approach the bottom of the stairs. The color of the boards is a soft complement to the walls and the knot holes pick up the color of the additional wood in space. The weathered nature of the wood is also a nice contrast to the contemporary light fixtures and staircase, adding dimension and interest to the room.

2. Focal Point

grey wood wall paneling

2. Focal Point

The reception area of this inn uses grey wood wall paneling both on the wall behind the desk, but on the face of the desk as well. Since this is the first thing that anyone entering the building will see, it’s a natural focal point. With the soft driftwood colors of the wood, it’s also a nice complement to the name of the inn, featured prominently against the paneling.

3. Material Contrast

grey wooden wall panels

3. Material Contrast

Commercial spaces and restaurants often have a lot going on. So, the wall and flooring materials need to offer both a background and a cohesive design for the rest of the space. In this area, the distressed barnwood paneling is complemented by a brick wall. The difference between the materials adds some interest and gives more color and texture for the other components of the room to pull from as well.

4. Bar Area Accent

grey wood bar paneling

4. Bar Area Accent

Wall paneling doesn’t have to be installed strictly on the walls. This bar makes a beautiful, rustic modern statement using distressed wood paneling around the perimeter facing. The color works beautifully with the stools, while the texture lends contrast creating a more interesting design for the area.

5. Small Space Accent

grey wood accent panels

5. Small Space Accent

The wall above the wainscoting in this bathroom makes an interesting contrast to the rest of the space. The crisp white against the weathered grey boards gives the bathroom design more character and depth without making the space appear busy.

Small spaces like this need to strike a careful balance so as not to become overwhelmed. The grey wood wall paneling adds contrast in direction, color, and texture to the wainscot, which accomplishes the goal of adding interest without chaos.

Create Your Ideal Wall Covering

Grey wood wall paneling has depth, texture, interest, personality, and history that you can’t find with other materials. It can add interest, contrast, and character to a room, while being used as either a backdrop or a focus. No matter which way you use it, grey distressed wood paneling can help you complete your ideal interior design. Use it on a single wall or clad the walls throughout a room; either way you’re sure to find that this unique material helps elevate your interior design. Invest in barnwood paneling today to see the difference it can make in your interior design.

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