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Antique Oak

Reclaimed Oak Paneling

Enhance your space with the timeless charm of our antique oak wall paneling. Ideal for various applications, from living room accents to sophisticated woodwork designs, our high-quality, prefinished antique oak wood panels add a warm, rustic feel to any interior. 

Crafted from solid wood, these panels are a classic blend of antique woods. Our reclaimed antique oak paneling combines the warm tones of red oak with the golden and light brown patina of white oak. The prominent grain pattern, sawn to showcase its unique characteristics, makes these solid oak wall panels easily recognizable and versatile for many interior designs.

Whether you’re looking to create an accent wall, ceiling paneling, wainscoting, mantels, or a fully paneled room, our antique wood wall panels are a perfect choice. Known for its durability and solid construction, oak has been a mainstay in furniture and construction throughout history. 

Our decorative oak paneling is reclaimed from the antique wood of barns and rural structures across the United States, making it one of our most popular reclaimed wood products. Not only are these wood planks beautiful and durable, but they are also easy to maintain – requiring just regular dusting and wiping with a damp cloth.

Incorporate the elegance of sawn antique oak paneling into your living room or any other space for a touch of high-quality woodwork. Contact us to learn more about adding these beautiful wooden wall panels to your home or business.

Additional Info


Random Widths: 3″-5″, 3″-7″, 5″-7″
Specified Widths: 3″-5″
Thickness: 3/4″, 5/8″ or 1/2″
Lengths: 2′-12′ Random or Specified Lengths
Surface Texture: Sanded Smooth
Finish: Pre Finished or Unfinished
Fire Retardant: Optional

Milled Profile

Shiplap Milled Profile Icon Shiplap
Square Milled Profile Icon Square
Tongue and Groove Milled Profile Icon Tongue and Groove


Pillowed Egde Icon Pillowed
Square Egde Icon Square


Use our easy-to-follow instructions to ensure your wood panels are properly installed. Have questions? We’re ready to help provide guidance with your new wall paneling product every step of the way: from wood panel installation to recommended care and maintenance. Keep in mind that reclaimed wood paneling isn’t just for accent walls! Install it on the ceiling of your space to bring an unexpected and distinctive look that’s uniquely you. We look forward to seeing how you fit the antique oak paneling into your interior.

Paneling Installation Instructions

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