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Hickory wall panels come in a few different tones for you to choose from, each with their own special style. Hickory Stick is a medium reddish-brown with small notes of the lighter cream sapwood. Rustic Hickory is a light-to-medium color that is prominently golden or yellowish-brown. Traditional Hickory is a nice mix of both styles; it features some reddish hues and creamier colors, without the overriding tone of gold. Regardless of which one you choose, these wood panels have warm tones that bring the richness of the great outdoors into your home or business. 

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Hickory wood is prized for its durability, unique coloring and prominent grain patterns. The heartwood tends to be light to medium brownish-red, while the sapwood is white to cream-colored. Hickory wood boards that feature the tones of the reddish-brown heartwood and the paler sapwood are known as calico hickory, and are highly sought after for their unique appearance. The grain pattern is usually straight, though occasionally wavy, with a coarse texture.

There are 19 wood species of hickory found worldwide, with the majority in North America. Traditionally, hickory has been used for objects that require strength, durability and need to withstand years of use. This includes tool and implement handles, ladder rungs, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, bows, skis, and even fishing rods. Hickory also has good bending properties making it the ideal choice for furniture such as chairs, rockers, stools, and tables. 

Hickory wall panels add a rustic appearance to many interiors, whether they’re incorporated as a full wood wall or ceiling wood paneling. Our wood products come in several options: Hickory Stick, Rustic Hickory and Traditional Hickory. All panels come in shiplap, square and tongue and groove options, for easy installation. 

If you have any questions about our hickory paneling, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of Hickory Paneling

Discover the benefits of choosing hickory wall paneling for your next home improvement project. There is a lot to love about hickory wood! From easy installation to the rustic appearance, we know you’ll be satisfied with hickory as your next interior design addition!

Easy Installation

Elmwood wall paneling comes with several profile options to make it easy to install: shiplap, square, and tongue and groove. Each fits easily together during the installation process for a quick completion. Whether you’re covering a whole room or just installing a wood wall, our team will also be available to help provide any guidance you may need.

Low Maintenance

We only carry high quality, real wood so you can have peace of mind that your new wall panels will last for years with minimal wear. Regular dusting, sweeping or wiping with a cloth is enough to keep these wood planks in good condition.


Hickory is among the strongest of woods native to the United States, being exceptionally heavy, hard and shock resistant. On average, Hickory is more durable than either White Oak or Hard Maple. It is even known to blunt machinery if not worked properly.


Hickory accepts stains well and finishes to a luminous shine. The reddish or golden hues make it the ideal choice for bringing a rustic, wood vibe into a home or business.

Use Cases for Hickory Paneling

Hickory wood is hardy with warm undertones that can brighten up both commercial and residential spaces. Ideally used for incorporating a rustic style into an interior space, these wood panels make a perfect addition as accent walls, full ceiling paneling and bar fronts (to name a few). We have wide plank paneling in specific and random lengths, prefinished or unfinished, to fit a variety of interior design projects. Not sure where to start? Browse our portfolio of other customer’s work to find some inspiration for your wall paneling project.

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Ready to get started on your next home improvement project, or update to your business space? Contact us to learn more about using hickory wall paneling for your project, or stop by our showroom to see these wood panels in person. We can help provide guidance on your next project and provide details on pricing.