Reclaimed Antique Rough Sawn Wood Beams

With refined rustic appeal, antique rough sawn beams hold teeth marks left behind from the saw blade as the wood was first milled. Our customers love the warmth and aesthetics produced by antique rough sawn beams wherever they are in a space.

Reclaimed Antique Hand Hewn Wood Beams

Covered in character, every antique hand hewn barn beam has been carefully created using little more than a broad axe and simple hand tools, then aged to perfection and reclaimed for re-use. The axe marked texture of these beams is truly unique and no two beams are alike, having their own one-of-a-kind signature. Antique Hand Hewn Barn Beams and Timbers are sought after for their raw, ancient, truly rustic feel.

Reclaimed Antique Pine Rustic Faux Wood Beams

Rich rustic character with deep tones of brown and amber replicate the look of an original solid rough sawn beam perfectly. A mixture of available antique reclaimed Pines. May include: Antique Southern & Northern pine (Red, White & Yellow), Douglas Fir, Heart Pine.