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Rough Sawn 4×12 Fireplace Mantel

Customizable Rough Sawn Mantel


The exact length can be customized in the order notes section at checkout. Please round up to the nearest foot.

Wide with a medium thickness, our rough sawn 4×12 fireplace mantel is more refined than our hand hewn options. Circular saw marks are still visible in the natural wood from the time of manufacture more than a century ago and add depth to this old dimensional lumber.

The rough cut wood fireplace mantels are handcrafted from the reclaimed building materials of old wooden structures, typically barns. These old barns were historically created using whatever wood species was nearby, so the type of dimensional lumber may vary. Wood types could include Douglas fir, oak, yellow pine, and more. Reclaimed wood products also have characteristics such as fastener holes, nail holes, natural checking and notches.

Enhancing the beauty of your living space, our rough sawn 4×12 fireplace mantel serves as a captivating focal point, blending seamlessly into your interior design. Each piece is a testament to high-quality craftsmanship, carved from solid wood that bears the unique history and character of its origin. Our mantels are not just functional elements but also pieces of art, adding a touch of rustic elegance to any room. Mantels can be installed as a floating mantel or you can make use of mantel brackets (purchased separately). 

All of our mantel wood products are made from original reclaimed wood and may have variations in dimensions up to 1 inch. Our wood products are surface-washed and then kiln-dried to ensure it’s ready to be installed in your interior. These products are not pressure-treated wood. This natural wood product ships unfinished within 3 business days and pre-finished within 5 business days. Contact us to learn more about customizations and pricing options, or read our FAQs for more information.

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This product can be wire brushed to further enhance their distressed look by raising the grain of the wood.

None Wire Brushed +$71.74

Fresh cut ends of mantel can be distressed to match the aged look of the original surface.

None Distressed Ends +$95.67

Matching corbels can be added to any mantel or shelf order. Corbels will be the same texture as ordered.

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Length: 2′ to 10′
Finish: Unfinished or wax finish
Texture: As is or wire brushed(to raise the grain)
End Options: As is or distressed ends
Corbels: Can be ordered with matching corbels


At Elmwood, we know proper product installation is the key to ensuring the durability of every home improvement job! We recommend these rough sawn natural wood mantels be installed by a professional contractor. There are several methods for installation of this dimensional lumber. Most installation methods include power tools and building materials such as lag bolts (some of the toughest fasteners) designed to be used with masonry for stone fireplace installations. There are also lag bolts that will go through drywall into the wall studs. Rough cut mantels can be installed as floating shelving or have the added support of corbels. Leave the installation of these building materials to the professionals, and you can start planning on decorating your new, rough sawn mantel. We’re happy to provide any guidance for recommended care and maintenance, or answer any questions you may have.

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