Rustic Wood Ceilings: Ideas For Creating A Barnwood Ceiling That Is Timeless

Barnwood Ceiling
March 16, 2018

Rustic woods are not only great on walls and floors, Adding reclaimed barnwood to a ceiling is a great way to add character to your space. With an authentic look and feel reclaimed and sustainably harvested woods are a great addition to any room, large or small. When using wood paneling to clad elements of an area most people naturally think of the floors or walls first, however enhancing the ceiling treatment can often be very attractive and a little more subtle.

In most rooms the ceiling tends to be an overlooked surface and typically sheet rock painted white is the default choice. In contrast, there are many possibilities to expand the visual appeal of the space by adding texture and color from above. As the ceiling doesn't get much foot traffic, more rustic material can be used to create a very authentic look

Not all ceilings are flat, in fact some of the coolest and most eye catching are either vaulted or have varying heights that can be complimented quite well with wood. In addition to adding paneling there is also the possibility to incorporate beams and lumber elements, recreating some very authentic looks. It has become popular to make a ceiling feel as real as the existing structure the wood came from, using all of the same elements found in a barn or old industrial building.

Barnwood Ceiling
Barnwood Ceiling Treatments Can Flow Throughout The Home
Reclaimed Wood Ceiling
This Rustic Wood Ceiling Creates A Cozy Nook

Most ceiling applications utilize tongue and groove or ship lap style paneling to create a more uniform look as well as help the installation process go smoothly and produce a tighter fitting product. It is also popular to use square edge planks that are face nailed when a little more rustic appearance is desired.

Barnwood Barrel Ceiling
Curved Ceilings Add Depth And Interest To A Room

Vaulted and barrel ceilings are the perfect location for rustic wood paneling treatments. Combining the depth of the wood with the angles and shape of the room takes the room to a new level. 

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling
Rustic Wood Helps To Define The Space
Barnwood Ceiling With Beams
Barn Beams Adds Depth To The Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

Whether they are very rustic hand hewn beams or more refined rough sawn beams, there is no question that adding timbers will feel authentic and complete the look. From a few simple beams running the length of the ceiling to a pattern created using the beams, there are many ways to plan this additional enhancement. When planning to add beams it is important to take their weight into consideration and prepare the space for the extra weight of the timbers that will be used. Another option is using a faux wood beam instead of solid wood beams, they are much lighter and have a simpler installation process.

Vaulted Ceiling With Barnwood
This Vaulted Ceiling With Barnwood Completes The Look

Sometimes a small space is the perfect location for a ceiling treatment to create a cozy space to relax. When designing a room or transition area scale is an important factor that will ensure it all comes together and looks great. Using too much wood in a room can detract from the overall look and become overwhelming. Accent ceilings are much like accent walls, used to create a contrast in the room without costing a fortune.

White Oak Ceiling
Natural White Oak Enhances The Look
Barnwood Ceiling
A Cozy Kitchen With Barnwood On The Ceiling

Some of the most popular, and attractive places wood ceilings can be found are located in the most used rooms in a home or commercial space. Starting with the kitchen, where most people spend considerable time and entertain guests, living rooms and other highly visible areas are also common areas that benefit from enhanced decorative touches. All this is not to say that any room cannot be made more attractive and become more inviting by adding wood to the ceiling. In commercial spaces wooden ceiling treatments can take the place of wall paneling and provide some of the same benefits, adding character and depth. Entry areas, hallways and common work spaces are all popular places to utilize a rustic wood ceiling and provide a great look for guests and employees alike.

Barnwood Paneling On The Ceiling
Barnwood Paneling On The Ceiling Is Right At Home

Not all paneling used in ceiling applications has to be rustic to look great. Many factors go into planning the perfect material to be used when covering a surface and depending on the overall design style and desired look there really is not a right or wrong way to choose. Sometimes a material you would have never considered ends up being just the right fit, and can be much more stunning than you would have imagined.

With many design options available it can be overwhelming to navigate all the choices. Fro more in depth information including color, texture, wood types as well as specific information regarding application and installation, contact Elmwood Reclaimed Timber to speak to a specialist today.