Reclaimed Wood Restaurant Table Tops: Design Ideas to Impress Your Customers

January 21, 2019

Every restaurant sets out to create a one-of-a-kind culinary journey for guests to enjoy; every detail is carefully scrutinized during the planning and design phase to ensure everything fits just right. How will people feel when they enter the restaurant? How will they feel when they are seated? Will they appreciate the design and ambiance? Will they enjoy the food and appreciate the service? So much of the experience takes place seated around a table! Therefore, it only makes sense that the restaurant furniture of the dining area design also needs careful consideration on how it will impact the overall dining experience and brand identity.

Custom table tops that are handcrafted from high quality materials speak volumes to your patrons. It makes it clear that this is a place that took the time and went the extra mile to create a special environment for its guests. Reclaimed and sustainable solid wood table tops are a natural choice when it comes to creating a warm and inviting space that people want to revisit again and again. There are many ways to include reclaimed wood in commercial design like restaurant tables. The character and charm of the wood furniture radiates naturally and allows people to be comfortable and enjoy the company they are sharing an experience with. 

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Design Ideas For Each Reclaimed Wood Restaurant Table Top

From restaurant table tops for traditional diners to bar height table tops for casual happy hours, the restaurant furniture can make an impact on many spaces throughout an establishment. Custom tables create an ambience that can’t be replicated with less natural materials. Discover our 7 ideas for incorporating solid wood table tops into your restaurant dining experience!

Reclaimed Heart Pine Restaurant Table Top

Reclaimed Heart Pine Tops create a warm and inviting space

Reclaimed Oak Restaurant Wood Table Tops

Reclaimed Oak Table Tops are durable and built to last

Traditional Walnut Restaurant Table Tops

Traditional Walnut Resturant table tops

Traditional Walnut Restaurant Wood Table Tops

1. Reclaimed Heart Pine Tops

Reclaimed Wood Restaurant Table Tops

Create a warm and inviting space by using the well-liked heart pine wood species. Heart pine is typically a creamier, pinkish-tan and fits in well with a variety of interior design styles. The warm undertones create a natural aesthetic that improves the overall comfortability of a room. Pine wood table tops are common in home kitchen and table designs, and can easily translate to a commercial space. Use heart pine wood table tops in your restaurant and patrons will feel like they are eating in their own dining room. Heart pine has a rustic wood appeal that fits in well with most farmhouse styles, without going over the top. 

2. Reclaimed Oak Table Tops

Reclaimed Oak Restaurant Table tops

The great thing about oak table tops is their durability, clean grain patterns and it’s a wood species that stains well. The natural look and feel of wood restaurant table tops plays well with other elements in the space like concrete, brick or stone. Wooden table tops are sustainable design choices that everyone can appreciate and choosing to have custom table tops crafted utilizing reclaimed woods takes it one step further. The character and durability found in reclaimed wood tells a unique story and sparks conversation from guests. 

3. Traditional Walnut Restaurant Table Tops

Reclaimed Oak Restaurant Table Tops

There are so many beautiful kinds of wood available in a wide range of textures and colors that can help shape the design and tie the details together. Whether you’re looking to design a rectangular table top or a round table top, the details of your wood furniture can really influence the atmosphere of a space. For example, a farm to table restaurant may find that a rustic reclaimed wood table top will be the ideal choice to set the organic and natural tone of the restaurant while an upscale steakhouse might find the traditional black walnut tops helps create that classic look and feel. Black walnut is a wood species that is commonly known for its luxurious looks and dark shades, but it can be utilized for many different applications. 

4. Mixed Reclaimed Woods

Walnut Restaurant wood table tops

Mixing the original colors found in each species of wood can be used to draw additional attention to the unique dining table tops. Each species carries different characteristics and tones that can be blended into a harmonious medley. The dining table tops can stand alone and utilize a simple table base or the tops can be anchored to solid steel frames to create an industrial vibe in the restaurant. The wood becomes part of the identity of the space and helps tell the story to each and every person who visits. 

5. Reclaimed Oak Restaurant Table Tops

Reclaimed Heart Pine Restaurant Table Top

The design of a space creates the first impression and is an extension of the hospitality one can expect to receive when they walk through the front door, whether it’s a formal dining room or a casual bistro. Details are what sets one apart from the next and wood table tops are one of those special details that people recognize. That being said, it’s important to make sure the old barn wood table tops stand up to the test and for that reason, a commercial grade finish is applied that is specially formulated to protect the woods in high use settings. This will protect from spills and routine cleaning of the surface while keeping the natural look and feel of the tops in tip top shape for each and every guest. If you’re using white oak for a reclaimed wood table top, this wood species has the added benefit of being somewhat water resistant. 

Bringing Wood Table Tops into Your Restaurant

Over time, every restaurant creates its own unique brand atmosphere that encompasses their hospitality, food, and ambiance of the space. It’s the impressions that stick with people as they come and go from the restaurant and tell family and friends about the experience. A positive brand atmosphere is typically not achieved by chance, but rather by careful planning and attention to every detail. It may seem like a small or insignificant detail, but when you consider that the majority of time spent at a restaurant is sitting at the dining table or standing by a bar table, it’s important to get it right and make sure that this surface fits with the brand identity.

These solid wood tables are built to be gathered around and enjoyed. Each top is custom crafted and finished to your exact specifications and needs. So, when it comes to creating a warm and inviting restaurant space, consider utilizing sustainable or reclaimed woods to get the right look and feel. Contact Elmwood Reclaimed Timber to get started on creating the ideal dining experience for your guests. We’ll help you design the custom tables for any application, including coffee tables, bar tables, and dining tables

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