Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall: 12 Unique Design Ideas

May 4, 2018

Wood accent walls can transform a space, adding much needed color and character to a plain room. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to design and accent walls, a rustic space and a modern space can both benefit from a beautiful reclaimed wood accent wall. The wide range of woods available allows for the accent wall to be unique to the vision you have for your space. It’s ok to be bold with the accent wall, allow it to be the center of attention in the room and design and coordinate the rest of the room around the accent walls look and feel.

The utilization of reclaimed wood for an accent wall is a great way separate large spaces, create an extra pop in an office setting or add natural texture and color to a bedroom. The wood accent wall will draw the eye right when people enter the space and will set the tone and atmosphere in a positive light. There is a wide range of woods, colors, and textures that can be called on to create the perfect reclaimed wood accent wall for your design. The great thing about an accent wall is that it can be used in just about any room and can be installed and completed in a relatively short period of time compared to other projects. 

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall in an office

Reclaimed Hickory Adds color and warmth to the office

Reclaimed Wood Accent wall

A mix of Woods creates a unique medley

Reclaimed wood accent wall can be used in a wide range of settings from the home to the office and many other commercial settings. The natural beauty of the wood is a real enhancement to the setting you are attempting to create. In a commercial environment that is surrounded by concrete and sterile colors, you will find that a reclaimed wood accent wall will make the space more comfortable and inviting to both staff and visitors alike. The woods can be finished to achieve a specific look or left natural and unfinished. It is also common for the wood planks to be treated with a fire retardant in order to meet the code requirements necessary. 

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Unfinished Coastal Collage Accent Wall

Coastal Collage reclaimed wood paneling is a great accent wall option, the product is a mixture of reclaimed light toned hardwoods and a rustic hit and miss textured surface. The wood can be finished to bring out the rich undertones or left in its natural unfinished state like shown above.     

Reclaimed Wood Accent wall

Reclaimed Barn Siding Adds some character to the mud room

Natural Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Embrace the natural variations found in reclaimed woods

An accent wall may not be limited to just the indoors, a restaurant can tease at the design elements found inside of the space by bringing the accent wall outdoors to the front of the building. This portrays a fresh look and catches the attention of patrons passing by. The grey barn siding has stood the test of time and will feel right at home out in the elements. 

Reclaimed wood Accent Wall

Exterior Grey Barn Siding Accent Wall

Accent walls do not have to only be used for decoration. Signage and reclaimed wood accent walls were meant to be. The reclaimed colors of the wood can help pop the logo color of the business and grab attention. 

Reclaimed wood Accent Wall in Restaurant

Reclaimed Accent Walls Pair well with reclaimed wood shelves!

Reclaimed Wood Accent Walls

Allow the patina of the wood to be the perfect background

All reclaimed wood has depth and natural texture that makes it a unique design element to play with.  It’s these characteristics that create the interest and make it fun. This is also the reason there are so many imitation products that make an attempt and looking like reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is special and its the history and story that make the product even more unique.

Reclaimed Wood Accent Feature wall

Walnut Accent Wall

Reclaimed wood accent walls can be used on walls of all shapes and sizes and the planks can be ordered in single plank widths or they can be made into a random width grouping that can add some additional variation into the look. These woods are crafted with precision milling equipment and will install with the same ease and expectations one see with freshly cut woods. The metals have been removed and the wood is kiln dried all before the edges cut and profiled. The end result is planks of wood perfectly suited to be installed in your home or business. 

Reclaimed Wood Accent wall Ceiling

Don't forget about the ceiling, It can be an accent wall too!

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall and Fireplace

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Accent Wall

Rustic, brushed or sanded smooth, all are more than acceptable surface textures for a reclaimed wood accent wall. Find what speaks to you and you can’t go wrong with any of these woods. These woods offer a beautiful range of colors that will help to bring out the best in your design and result in a space that you love spending time in. 

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall in Resturant

Natural Barn Paneling Accent Wall

These woods have spent a lifetime developing beautiful unmatched character and each and every board helps tell that story. There are nail holes from where the planks were fixed to the exterior of the original structure and the surface is worn from season after season passing by, It’s what makes it interesting and sets it apart from the rest, all wood is beautiful in its own right, but some woods tell a better story. 

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