7 Ways to Use Barn Siding for a Stunning Finish

July 1, 2020

Real, natural hardwood has a warmth, depth, charm and character that is impossible to duplicate in other materials. Barn wood siding can be used on nearly any surface inside or outside of a building and can be shaped and molded in a plethora of ways.

New, freshly harvested wood comes with an environmental price tag and often lacks the same dimension, attractiveness and storytelling of older, antique wood. Barnwood taken from buildings pre-1930 is timeless with a rich patina and aged finish that is unmatched. Adding it to your project can add instant personality to any space.

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Take a look at the collection below of inspirational ideas for barn wood siding. Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Barn Wood Siding comes in a variety of sizes, colors and variations fit for any project you have in mind.

Floating Barn Wood Shelves

Floating barn wood shelves displaying liquor items.

Shelves can be used in many different ways: showcasing sales items, enhancing decor, accent spaces, holding office supplies, storing liquor or food items at a restaurant and more. Floating shelves are a very popular way to introduce these attributes to a space because they take up less visual space than traditional shelving. Throwing barn wood into the mix is sure to be a hit.

Floating reclaimed wood shelves displaying plates and dining wares.

In a small commercial space, floating shelves give you more storage and work especially well for businesses such as restaurants, bars, consignment shops and small boutiques. This allows your client to display any items they wish while taking up a fraction of the space as a full-sized display cabinet.

On top of all that, floating barn wood shelves are versatile and highly durable. You can install them exactly where you need them with customized placement. By adding the rustic design of aged barn wood to your shelves, you get both convenience and character.

Barn Wood Tables

Reclaimed, barn wood table with chairs.

Whether you are interested in utilizing reclaimed wood as a bar tabletop at a restaurant or as a conference table for a large corporate client, Elmwood has options for you. Your tabletop will be made to order — the dimensions, shape and edge of your table will be used to create the top, and you will have full creative influence over the finished product.

Reclaimed wood bar top in a restaurant/bar.

The antiqued wood top of your choosing will be milled to create a uniform top, and it will be a one-of-a-kind table using a blend of different wood sand sources creating depth with various patinas, wood grains and patterns.

Barn Wood Beams

Home with reclaimed wood barn beams.

A part of the antique barn that can be reclaimed but is often overlooked is its beams. Hand-hewn beams were fallen logs that were hewn into shape using a broad ax. Imagine telling your clients that their rustic beams with chisel and saw marks were hand-chopped with an ax. They are perfect for adding support to soffits and rafters or even adding an accent to interior ceilings.

Barn Wood Milled Paneling

Reclaimed barn wood wall paneling in a restaurant.

Reclaimed barn wood wall and ceiling panels have grown enormously in popularity over the last few years. Why? Because it is a great way to add character to a room while creating an accent area at the same time.

Milled barn wood wall paneling in a restaurant seating area.

Barn wood can be turned into milled paneling that can be installed anywhere you want to add a warm glow. The deep patina will invite any guest in with awe.

Barn Wood Cabinets

Reclaimed barn wood cabinets featuring various leather boots.

Barn wood cabinets are just like regular cabinets you would use in any kitchen or showroom, except they are made of real aged wood, rather than MDF or a thin veneer over a manufactured base.

Barn wood cabinets give you an antique appearance, worn smooth in places after being exposed to the elements with original saw marks, nail holes and natural weathering. There are also options that are indistinguishable from new cut wood cabinets, depending on the look you are going for in your commercial space.

Barn wood cabinets work wonderfully as showroom decor in boutiques or consignment shops, in commercial-grade kitchens, restaurants or bars, or commercial level cabins and hotels.

Barn Wood Signage

Reclaimed barn wood signage for business.

A brand’s signage is often the very first thing that catches the attention of outsiders. If you want to help your client openly display their eco-friendly and sustainability purchasing practices while also emphasizing their style, barn wood signage is a great suggestion.

Barn Wood Bathrooms

Reclaimed barn wood bathroom stalls.

Barn wood makes a creative backdrop for a bathroom stall. Bathrooms are often forgotten about in terms of design, but using barn wood in this neglected space creates a fun escape from the ordinary. Feeling inspired? Check out Elmwood’s barn wood siding offer and request a quote today.

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Ready to Discover More?

Your next project is just around the corner. Browse our product galleries for more inspiration.