Using Barn Wood Floating Shelves to Accentuate Your Space

February 12, 2019

Whether you’re looking to create an open kitchen or you want a way to store items in your office, floating shelves are a versatile option. Shelves can be used in many ways: to store items, to accent spaces and to enhance the decor.

Floating shelves are a popular way to introduce these attributes because they take up less visual space than traditional shelving. When you make those shelves out of reclaimed barn wood, you not only get all the benefits, you also get the beauty and environmentally friendly attributes of reclaimed wood as well.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Shelves

Reclaimed barn wood shelves started their life more than 100 years ago. They were cut, milled, and used to create barns and other old buildings. Many of the signs of their harvesting, milling and use are still visible on the surface of the wood. This includes rough saw marks from when the wood was first milled.

Despite their age, reclaimed wood shelves have decades or more of use left in them. They’ve been cleaned, cut and grouped by species and size. Now, they’re ready for use in a new environment where their unique marks, age and patina can enhance their surroundings, while they provide much-needed storage to your home or business.

Benefits of Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have become increasingly popular in many areas over the last several years. They’re turning up in homes, restaurants and offices and they come in a wide range of sizes and styles.

In a small space like a kitchen, floating shelves give you necessary storage, but visually open up the space. For areas that need visible storage, but don’t necessarily have a lot of room, such as restaurant bars, consignment shops and small boutique stores, floating shelves let you display your items, but take up a fraction of the space of a full-sized cabinet.

They’re also more versatile. You can install shelves exactly where you need them. Rather than having a large cabinet that has its shelves at set intervals, floating shelves let you customize the placement for your space. Whether you need a few shelves to display some accent items, or you need some serious storage, shelving is a great alternative to traditional cabinetry.

Using Reclaimed Floating Shelves

Salvaged wood floating shelves

Salvaged wood floating shelves are used much in the same way as newer materials. They’re just as durable and versatile, but come with a few added benefits. Reclaimed barn wood has a history and character that can’t be matched by newer materials. This adds some interest to your space, as well as depth. The saw marks and patina that show on the shelves can be used as a contrast for a more contemporary setting, or they can fit right into a more rustic establishment.

In addition, reclaimed wood is more environmentally friendly than newer materials. No new trees are harvested to produce them, and they aren’t made of plastics or other materials that won’t break down at the end of their life.

With the rich color and interest that reclaimed barn wood floating shelves bring, they’re able to visually enhance many areas.

Consider installing them to line the backs of niches to double or triple the amount of usable storage space. They blend in well with a variety of other materials used to create niches, including fieldstone and brick.

Floating shelves

If you want a more subtle look, consider installing them on a wood paneled wall. Wood-on-wood has a depth that combined materials often lack. The patina on the shelving lets the barn wood stand out against any paneling, but it gives the area a very cohesive look that’s soothing to view.

barnwood shelves

Floating shelves don’t have to be hung on their own. While it does give the area a very contemporary look, they also work well with brackets. While concealed brackets can help give strength without notice, a wrought iron bracket can help you create a more unique look.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Shelving

A dark-colored bracket not only lets you contrast the wood, but it also lets you introduce other colors nearby. For example, replacing your cabinetry with floating shelves and iron brackets lets you match the color to a dark countertop. This contrast between two surfaces and the blending of two others is what produces depth in a design. And with the many shapes and styles of brackets available, you can further customize your shelving to get the design you’re after.

Install Reclaimed Barn Wood Shelving in Your Space

Reclaimed barn wood shelves are beautiful, versatile and eco-friendly. They come in several lengths and widths, and all of them will show the age, wear, and beauty of their past life. Pay a visit to Elmwood Reclaimed Timber to find out more, and include these dynamic shelves in your interior design.

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