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We have several options to choose from when it comes to fireplace mantel width. After you’ve decided on which width you’d like for your new floating mantel, we have a range of other customizations that will allow your new rustic wood piece to fit seamlessly into your current home decor, whether it’s modern farmhouse or traditional. Mantels can be cut to a custom length, graded and finished with one of our finishing options. We even have corbels available to match! Browse through the mantel options below to find one to fit your interior design.

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Interested in seeing our other mantel products? We have more options available, including rough sawn and faux wood fireplace mantels. Check out our full selection to find the best one for your home or business!

Hand hewn wood beams are an interesting feature to add as a fireplace mantel shelf for a variety of reasons. The rustic look of reclaimed barn wood brings a charming, natural warmth to any living room. Our reclaimed wood mantels also have the added appeal of characteristics such as nail holes and axe marks.

Hand hewn mantels have a more rustic look than some of our other mantel options. Each wooden beam was handcrafted with a broad axe and feature hand-hewn marks that can be more than a 100 years old! As some of the first materials used in structures across the United States, these reclaimed wood beams definitely have stories to tell. Each barn beam mantel is one-of-a-kind, with unique weathering and characteristics from its prior use. Many of the reclaimed beams still feature mortise pockets, which are pockets where the beam was once joined with another beam.

All real wood mantel shelves are surface washed and kiln dried. This product ships unfinished within 3-5 business days and pre-finished within 5-7 business days. If you have any questions about our reclaimed fireplace mantels, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of Hand Hewn Mantels

There are a range of benefits to choosing a reclaimed barn beam mantel for your fireplace surround or as shelving in your home. Packed with a vibrant history, these reclaimed fireplace mantels add a rustic charm to any space. More and more often homeowners are choosing to add wooden fireplace mantel shelves to their interiors. Find out some of the reasons why we think our handcrafted product deserves a place above your fireplace.


Using reclaimed wood in your home helps to support the environment by revamping old wood that has served its initial purpose. This decreases the need for chopping down new lumber. Plus, your rustic fireplace mantel will have a rich history to go with it’s rustic looks!

Low Maintenance

Installing this mantel in your home is an easy choice to make when you realize how low maintenance it is to care for. Regular dusting and light wiping with a damp cloth and mild household cleaner is enough to keep this mantel in good condition. An oil based cleaner may be used periodically if desired.


Hand hewn mantels are made from solid wood beams reclaimed from old barns and structures across the United States. They have weathered years of exposure to the elements and have stood the test of time, some even being more than a century old! These wooden beams are already well seasons and are unlikely to change in shape or shrink due to fluctuating temperatures.


Our hand hewn barn beams are the perfect home decor addition to bring rustic charm into your home. Wooden accents are continuing to make an appearance in home decor and interior design trends! The rustic look of reclaimed wood being offset by modern or traditional mantel decor really warms up a living room style. We’ll also cut your new mantel to a desired length to fit your design needs.

Use Cases for Hand Hewn Mantels

Barn beam mantels aren’t just for fireplaces! You can even install these wood beams as a floating shelf in your kitchen, dining room or bedroom. If you’re interested in seeing how our other customers have incorporated wood mantel shelves in their homes, check out the options below. We also have a project gallery that showcases even more barn beam mantels.

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Excited to get started with your new home improvement project? Check out the selection of hand hewn mantels and the customization options to find one that best fits with your style. We also have other options available if you’re looking for something else. Contact us today with any additional questions about adding these wooden mantels to your home or business.