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Hand Hewn Fireplace Mantel 6×6

Hand Hewn Mantel


Hand Hewn fireplace mantels provide a look of character that cannot be replicated. While our 6 inch beam mantel shelf is a smaller stature, it still draws attention as a unique, rustic focal point in any living room. This wood mantel is 6 inches by 6 inches of solid wood, and still showcases the craftsmanship of the original builder. Sawn by hand using a broad axe, our hand hewn wood fireplace shelves retain the charm of the artisans who created them. While this is an ideal option for a fireplace mantel shelf, this wood beam can be installed as a floating shelf anywhere in your home or business.

All of our wood mantels and shelves are made from original reclaimed barn wood and may have variations in dimensions up to 1 inch. All wood mantel shelves are surface washed and kiln dried. This product ships unfinished within 3-5 business days and pre-finished within 5-7 business days. Wood mantels are cut to your specified length, whether you need a 10-foot, 8-foot or 6-foot mantel! Contact us with additional questions, and see our product pricing for more information on customized fireplace mantel shelf options.

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This product can be wire brushed to further enhance their distressed look by raising the grain of the wood.

Fresh cut ends of mantel can be distressed to match the aged look of the original surface.

Mantels can be ordered graded 1 face to provide a mantel with no mortise pockets on 1 side. Mantels ordered “as is” may contain mortise pockets on any side.

Matching corbels can be added to any mantel or shelf order. Corbels will be the same texture as ordered.

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Length: 2′ to 10′
Finish: Unfinished or wax finish
Texture: As is or wire brushed(to raise the grain)
End Options: As is or distressed ends
Grading Options: As is or graded one face
Corbels: Can be ordered with matching corbels


Proper product installation is the key to success in every job! We recommend having your new home improvement project installed by a professional contractor rather than diy to ensure that you’re satisfied with the product. There are several methods and most include lag bolts designed to be used with masonry for stone installations or lag bolts that will go directly into wall studs. Fireplace mantels can be installed as freestanding, floating mantels or have the added support of corbels. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have along the way, or provide any guidance for recommended care and maintenance of your rustic fireplace mantel.

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