Reclaimed Faux Wood Fireplace Mantel

Created using cabinet lumber or beam skins our faux wood fireplace mantles are the perfect alternative to a solid wood fireplace mantle.  We are able to create many different looks and styles of mantles using the same techniques we use to create our faux wood beams.  Weighing only a fraction of what a solid mantle weighs you can easily mount a faux wood mantle in many situations where it would either be costly or impossible to mount a solid wood mantle.  All Faux Wood Mantels include matching end caps.

Reclaimed Rough Sawn Beam Fireplace Mantle

Rough Sawn beams provide a more refined mantel inherent with the circular saw marks created when the beams were originally milled over a century ago. Our stock of rough sawn beams include a variety of species and dimensions.

Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beam Fireplace Mantle

Hand Hewn fireplace mantels provide a look of character that cannot be replicated. These beams were created by hand using a broad axe and retain the charm imbedded by the artisans who created them. The most common dimensions of the Hand Hewn Beams are 6"x6", 8"x8" and 10"x10".