Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding

Weathered to rustic perfection, Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding has withstood the test of time. Rich with a working history, the timeless beauty of antique barn wood is unmistakable. No two planks of antique barn wood siding are the same. The coloring and weathered characteristics depend on whether the barn was located on a hill, in a valley, covered in ivy, or left exposed to the sun. The siding on a single barn will also differ. Barn siding is reclaimed from century old utilitarian structures that are dilapidated or no longer applicable to our modern farming practices.  We provide our siding as-is, denailed, power washed, and kiln dried. Whatever state you desire your siding in, we can provide it. Antique Barn Wood Siding is available in a variety of sizes as well as a wide range of colors.