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Reclaimed Natural Barn Wood Siding

Natural Barn Wood Siding

Discover the natural beauty of real wood by ordering our reclaimed natural barn wood siding. This wood siding option showcases an aged patina with a range of rich, warm, brown hues. Our natural wood siding comes from the inside planks used to surround and protect the original barn structure from the elements. Sourced from barns across the United States, these building materials have truly showcased their durability and are ready for the next chapter in their journey. Oftentimes, the wood species of barn wood planks is varied and unpredictable, bringing more character to your real wood project!

There are many wood siding options for your home. The most common types of wood siding includes shiplap siding, shake siding, shingle siding, tongue-and-groove siding, and board and batten siding. Natural wood siding is an adaptable building product and a popular choice for siding material among homeowners. As one of the most beautiful, affordable, and sustainable building materials available on the market today, our reclaimed natural barn wood planks are high quality, durable and have a lower likelihood of warping!

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Thickness: 3/4″+/-
Widths: Random width 4“-10” or all wide plank 10”-12”
Lengths: 2’ thru 12’ random or specified lengths
Surfaced Washed: Light surface washing
Surface Cleaned: Removal of metals
Kiln Drying: Stabilize and eradicate potential pest
The Works: Surface washed, Cleaned and Kiln Dried
Straight Line Rip: One or two edges


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Proper wood product installation is the key to success in every job! That’s why the team at Elmwood is here to support our customers from installation to recommended care and maintenance. While we can’t be there to help in person, we’re happy to help provide guidance before and along the way. Our reclaimed natural barn wood siding product is a popular choice among homeowners and installers for its high quality, appearance, and easy installation. Contact us if you have questions about siding costs for your business or home improvement project.

Barn Wood Siding Installation Instructions

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