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Rough Sawn Fireplace Mantel 8×8

Customizable Rough Sawn Mantel


Exact length can be customized in the order notes section at check out. Please round up to the nearest foot.

Enhance the rustic charm of your interior with our 8×8 rough sawn fireplace mantel, a versatile choice that delivers a smoother appearance compared to hand hewn options. These mantels possess the unique character of circular saw marks, etched into the wood when the barn beams were originally milled over a century ago, creating an authentic and unmatched appeal.

Crafted from wood beams reclaimed from old building materials, including barns and various wooden structures across the United States, these wood mantels showcase the rich history of American craftsmanship. The wood species may vary, ranging from softwood to hardwood, but all our rough sawn fireplace mantels are rigorously evaluated to ensure durability and a high-quality end product. Common to reclaimed barn wood, they may feature fastener holes, nail holes, pest marks, natural checking, mortise pockets, and notches, adding depth and character to your reclaimed mantel.

While our custom fireplace mantels are often used as a focal point over a fireplace, they can also be used for floating shelves throughout your interior to bring rustic charm to any space.

To guarantee their durability and longevity, our wood products undergo a surface wash and kiln drying process to eliminate moisture content from the old wood. Please note that these rustic fireplace mantels are not pressure-treated lumber. As with reclaimed wood, the size may vary by up to 1 inch. We offer the option of matching corbels and various customizations, allowing you to create a wood fireplace mantel that perfectly fits your vision. If you’d prefer to install this wood beam as a floating mantel, we can recommend wall brackets or provide installation guidance.

Depending on your preference, this product can be shipped unfinished within 3-5 business days or prefinished within 5-7 business days. For more information on pricing and customization options, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer a variety of custom lengths to choose from. Elevate your interior with the timeless appeal of our 8×8 Rough Sawn Mantel, a rustic addition that adds character and history to your space.

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This product can be wire brushed to further enhance their distressed look by raising the grain of the wood.

None Wire Brushed +$127.54

Fresh cut ends of mantel can be distressed to match the aged look of the original surface.

None Distressed Ends +$95.67

Mantels can be ordered graded 1 face to provide a mantel with no mortise pockets on 1 side. Mantels ordered “as is” may contain mortise pockets on any side.

None Graded One Face +$153.05

Matching corbels can be added to any mantel or shelf order. Corbels will be the same texture as ordered.

Additional Info


Length: 2′ to 10′
Finish: Unfinished or wax finish
Texture: As is or wire brushed(to raise the grain)
End Options: As is or distressed ends
Grading Options: As is or graded one face
Corbels: Can be ordered with matching corbels

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Rough Sawn Fireplace Mantel 8×8 is 100% FSC Certified Recycled and eligible for LEED Credits.


Our rough sawn fireplace mantel should only be installed by a professional contractor to ensure your absolute satisfaction and durability of the installation. There are a few methods for installation of the actual product. This can include lag bolts (some of the toughest fasteners) designed to be used with masonry for stone fireplace installations. Fireplace mantels can be installed as floating shelving or have the added support of corbels. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have along the way, or provide any guidance for recommended care and maintenance.

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