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Rough Sawn Fireplace Mantel 6×6

Customizable Rough Sawn Mantel


Exact length can be customized in the order notes section at check out. Please round up to the nearest foot.

Although it has a smaller stature, the rough sawn 6×6 fireplace mantel still draws attention as the focal point in your living room. The rough cut beam is a more refined mantel with an appearance grade surface. Reclaimed from the building materials of old barns, the rough cut mantel is inherent with durability and the circular saw marks that were created when this dimensional lumber was milled more than a century ago.

Our rough sawn fireplace mantel also has characteristics common for reclaimed building materials, such as fastener holes, nail holes, checking and peg holes. Adding this rough cut mantel to your home will bring both a unique history as well as a unique home decor piece.

At Elmwood Reclaimed Timber, we harvest a wide variety of Douglas Fir, Oak, Pines, Hemlock, Spruce and Cedar timbers for our products. And there’s more – personalize your mantel to fit your style. Consider it for your pergola or decking, integrate it into your interior paneling, or let it stand alone.

Each mantel showcases clean square edges, and is surface washed and kiln-dried to ensure its quality. Choose between leaving it unfinished for a rustic touch, or opt for a prefinished version, available in 3-5 business days (unfinished) or 5-7 business days (prefinished).

Discover the world of rough sawn craftsmanship by getting in touch with us, and bring home a mantel that beautifully merges history with your home decor. Contact us to learn more about the rough cut mantel customizations and pricing options.

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This product can be wire brushed to further enhance their distressed look by raising the grain of the wood.

None Wire Brushed +$71.74

Fresh cut ends of mantel can be distressed to match the aged look of the original surface.

None Distressed Ends +$95.67

Mantels can be ordered graded 1 face to provide a mantel with no mortise pockets on 1 side. Mantels ordered “as is” may contain mortise pockets on any side.

None Graded One Face +$86.09

Matching corbels can be added to any mantel or shelf order. Corbels will be the same texture as ordered.

Additional Info


Length: 2′ to 10′
Finish: Unfinished or wax finish
Texture: As is or wire brushed(to raise the grain)
End Options: As is or distressed ends
Grading Options: As is or graded one face
Corbels: Can be ordered with matching corbels


Proper product installation is the key to success in every job! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have along the way, or provide any guidance for recommended care and maintenance. We recommend having your new rough cut mantel installed by a professional contractor rather than diy to ensure that you’re satisfied with the product. There are a few different methods for installation depending on your fireplace. Most installation methods include lag bolts (some of the toughest fasteners) designed to be used with masonry. There are also lag bolts that will go through drywall directly into wall studs. These pieces of dimensional lumber can be installed as floating shelving or have the added support of corbels. If you’d like to learn more about product installation, please contact us.

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