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We bear something in mind when we reclaim the sources of our livelihood: we hope to still be useful when we're old. And look really, really good.

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The wood that lived to tell another story... It's in no hurry. It was a Victorian factory, or a WPA tear down, or a railroad station. So, it can wait... But somebody out there is eyeing it. So maybe you shouldn't wait. Imagine 2 million board feet of stories. Antique buildings, ancient bridges, old growth trees from urban removal, factories that made things you can't even find in antique shops. Abandoned nonfunctional tear downs. No longer abandoned. Functional now. It's kind of a miracle, and we love being a part of it.

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Plank widths, thickness, custom treatments, the scarcity or availability of a particular wood and lots of other variables affect price. But we treat every order equally. An order for two pieces of Heart Pine cabinet lumber gets the same care and respect as a flatbed of Walnut going to a country club in Connecticut. And we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by prices overall. Especially when you consider the lasting beauty of the product. Thanks for your interest.

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