Commercial Projects

Reclaimed Prairie Harvest Paneling

Climate Corp - St Louis, MO

By applying the latest data science and engineering to create advanced technologies, The Climate Corporation is leading the way in digital agriculture. In a few short decades...

Reclaimed Heart Pine Paneling

Athleta - Kansas City, Mo

As a company, Athleta has a focus on support for the planet and the people who live here. They strive to display these values in both the way their products are produced as well as the stores in which they are sold...

Antique Oak Tops

Zocalo - Sacramento, CA

A local Neighborhood restaurant brings a modern take on Mexican cooking as well as a long list of prized Tequila. The design process was focused on the idea of creating an extraordinary experience and incorporating in details that helped create...

Walnut Flooring

Target Field - Minneapolis, MN

The Metropolitan Club located inside Target Field Stadium is a Twins season ticketholder pre-game retreat for great food and cocktails. The club provides a great dining experience overlooking the field..

Rocky Paneling

Stone Canyon Pizza - Kansas City, MO

Stone Canyon has been focused on providing some of the best pizza in town for over two decades. The key to success has always been fresh local ingredients and orders made from scratch. It was essential that the design...

Traditional White Oak Floors

Rare Steakhouse - Washington, DC

Rare Steakhouse and Tavern brings back the nostalgia and romance of the classic steakhouse where a night out eating was an experience. The goal was to provide wood products that helped cultivate this setting. A wide-plank European white oak...

Hand Hewn Beams and Paneling

Makray Golf Club - Barrington, IL

Every detail was given special attention to portraying the vision of an old-world manor, from the antique light fixtures to the authentic reclaimed wood flooring, beams, and paneling that is found throughout. The large windows inside provide...

rustic walnut paneling

Bankers Life Fieldhouse - Indianapolis , IN

The Pacers are in Indiana for the long haul with a new deal that will retain them in the city for the next 25 years and that means its time to do some renovations. The locker rooms, practice facility, and restaurant utilized sustainably harvested...

DouglasFir Cabinet Lumber

Oregon State University - Corvallis, OR

Reser Stadium has been a long standing fixture on campus as the location for a wide range of athletic and entertainment events. The past and present student body congregate on the terrace and in the seats for a fan experience...

Natural Barn Paneling

Colonie Restaurant - Brooklyn, NY

A Brooklyn eatery that features a wide range of locally sourced dishes out of a bustling open kitchen. The entire restaurant is wood accented and inviting for a relaxed environment to be enjoyed with those close to you.

Rocky Mountian Paneling

VMLY&R - Kansas City, MO

A global brand experience agency incorporates reclaimed accents throughout to help cultivate top-notch creativity and talent. The agency created a hub in the original downtown Kansas City Airport and has been growing

Antique Oak Flooring

Steve Madden - New York, NY

Wood, wood and more wood is the theme for this flagship retail shop. Reclaimed and sustainable wood can be found on the floors, walls, and ceiling of the store and provides a rustic backdrop for the companies high end shoe lines.

Grey Barnwood

Stage 48 - New York, NY

Located in Hell's Kitchen neighborhood you will find Stage 48 venue that hosts a wide range of night life events. The building has been renovated from a vintage horse stable and reclaims elements in the space as a reminder of this past...

Traditional Walnut

Heartland Community Center - Overland Park, KS

From a concept to reality a beautiful center was created that connects the community. The building was going to be big and could easily have a sterile look and feel, but with a creative design utilizing natural elements and colors make this community...

Antique Hickory Paneling

DLR Group - Overland Park, KS

A local design firm goes for bold color and accents for their office space and kitchen. The space, just like all of their work is focused around elevating the human experience through design. Reclaimed Hickory was utilized on the walls...

Rustic Heart Pine Flooring

Cunningham Paris - Houston, TX

An Antique store with design and attention to detail on another level. The store houses several unique items from the past and the floor and counters are no exception. Large joists were salvaged from an industrial building...

White Oak Wood Tops

The Bloc - Manhattan, NY

When your company focus is devoted to achieving your best work and creating exceptional customer experiences, a workplace that incubates creative thoughts is a must. The Bloc brings together a wide range of design elements to achieve...

Bespoke Wood Paneling

Indian Motorcycle - Las Vegas, NV

A wide range of reclaimed woods was used to add even more detail and beauty to this older home. The narrow floor planks were removed and replaced with a wide plank reclaimed oak floor that ties the entire main level together...


ConAgra - Chicago, Il

Conagra combines a rich heritage of making great food with a sharpened focus and entrepreneurial spirit. When it came time to remodel their home office it was only fitting that reclaimed wood was used to create a story and focal point...

European White Oak

BAR OLÓN - Atlantic City, NJ

Bar Olon is nestled inside the Atlantic City Tropicana casino and resort that is located right on the historic boardwalk. Boasting a small plate focused menu Inspired by the beach towns of Ecuador, it was important to incorporate natural colors...

Natural Barn Paneling

The Alamo Drafhouse - Omaha, NE

The Alamo Drafthouse Theater is good food, good beer, good film, all at the same place. A simple mission that has people coming from all over to experience the best of cinematic destinations. The overall experience of the guests is at the heart...

Traditional Walnut

Brendon's Catch 23 - Louisville, KY

Brendon's Catch 23 offers seafood and steaks in a premier restaurant dining experience. A modern take on the classic surf and turf menu that pairs world-class seafood, steaks, and cocktails. It was important that the design details met the same level...

Reclaimed Oak

The Cellar Rat - Kansas City, MO

This is one of those neighborhood wine shops everyone dreams about having down the street. When the Cellar Rat was introduced, they were wanting to create a venue that would allow patrons to come in and saddle up to the bar to taste and understand...

Rustic Oak Paneling

The Grey Plume - Omaha, NE

The Grey Plume restaurant has had its eco-friendly practices rooted in place from the start and it's no surprise that much of the decor and materials used to create the space have a green side to them as well. The restaurant works with local growers...

Traditional White Oak

360 | HOK ARCHITECTURE - Kansas City, MO

When providing a service that's focused around creativity and achieving the vision for your client, it's important to have an inspiring location of your own. That's what Threesixty Architecture set out to do in their minimalist urban office design...

Antique White Oak Wall

Kimball - Chicago, IL

Kimball's award wining furniture inspires productivity with an emphasis on design and sustainability. This makes the decision to incorporate reclaimed white oak into their design a focal point of this initiative. What oak tops and paneling...

Natural Barn Paneling

Port Fonda - Kansas City, MO

This modern cantina located in Kansas Citys historic Westport neighborhood offers patrons an eclectic, rustic Mexican fare. The high ceilings and cement floors required some natural elements to be a central part of the design. Natural reclaimed barn...

Red Frog Barnwood

Red Frog - Chicago, Il

It's like a playground for adults, Bright and colorful, this office space offers a fun escape from the ordinary. When you are in the business of creating events and music festivals, such as the Warrior Dash and Firefly Music Festival, your office...

Origins Reclaimed Oak

Origins - Denver, Co

Located in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Denver Colorado, Origins has created a natural oasis for its customers. With a commitment to the well-being of their customers and the planet, the use of reclaimed wood flooring throughout the store...

Christner Reclaimed Elm

Christner - St Louis, Mo

Soft and inviting is the theme in this sophisticated office space. The firm was looking to create an environment that is comfortable while spurring collaboration and creativity. Having incorporated Reclaimed Elm into some of their client's projects...

Pitch Barn Wood

Pitch Pizza - Lincoln, Ne

Serving up delicious pizza in rustic style. Modern appeal meets rustic materials to create the perfect space for Pitch in Nebraska. Set in a storefront located in a historic neighborhood, products that complimented the exposed brick present...

University of Michigan

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Mi

Fresh looks and reclaimed wood enhance the overall feeling of this busy spot on campus. Designed in mind to provide a comfortable area for today's bustling students to enjoy a meal and unwind, the open space uses calming color tones and elements...


AMC Theaters - Leawood, Ks

Bright and open, inviting to all. Ash flooring and reclaimed wood tables bring a clean and modern sensibility to AMC Theaters headquarters. The light color tone and durability present in the Ash Flooring was a perfect fit for the expansive presentation...

Dimensional Innovations Walnut

Dimensional Innovations - Overland Park, Ks

Fresh white walls contrasted with natural walnut accents and fixtures combine to highlight this well planned office space. The timeless beauty seen in the character grade of Walnut was allowed to shine in all its glory throughout this space...


Saxbys - Philidalphia, Pa

Quick, there's still time to grab a quick espresso before the next class... Or maybe after class to meet up with some friends. Sophistication was the overall design style for this space and nothing says classy like Walnut Tops...