Wood Tops add Warmth and Beauty to a Wide Range of Spaces

December 7, 2023

Natural and inviting, wood tops are a welcome touch to the inhabitants of any space. With today’s more contemporary styles, adding focal points that are warm and inviting is a great way to feel more organic and comfortable.

With many great applications from residential homes to commercial spaces, wooden tops are a lasting choice. In the home classic tables, kitchen counter tops and island tops are all popular additions. Commercial uses range from conference tables and desks to bar tops and restaurant tables in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

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Island Top

Wood Island Tops are a Popular Choice

Elm Countertops

Wood Countertops add Warmth and Charm

  The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. The traditional role of the kitchen has changed significantly through the years, from a room mainly used to prepare meals into a central gathering spot for family and friends. Some of the most notable differences found in modern kitchens are size, configuration and design style. Today’s kitchens include features that make it a comfortable place for all. Adding wooden counters or an island top can be an attractive way to not only enhance the design style but can also add valuable counter space for its inhabitants.

White Oak Top

Contrasting Colors Define The Space

Incorporating an island adds some needed separation to any kitchen and defines the working space from the communal areas. Using color ranges and contrasting materials creates a space that is not only functional but has visual appeal. Many designers choose to use a mixture of materials for both the kitchen counter tops and the island top, this contrast in materials breaks up the visual flow and creates a sharp look.

White Oak Top

Clean Wooden Tops Look Great On Metal Bases

Heart Pine Top

This Heart Pine Table Is Perfect For Collaboration

Office spaces can be boring and quite frankly a little drab at times. With large open spaces built with concrete, steel and sheet rock for the purpose of housing a large number of people it is easy to forget that a few small natural and warm touches can go a long way. Utilizing sustainable and reclaimed wood tops is a great way to enhance not only the usability of the space but to also adds a lot in terms of beauty and naturalness. 

Vermont Table

Mixed Wood Tops Add Color and Depth

This conference table made with reclaimed mixed woods is a great example of a room that has been enhanced with color and texture to create an overall feel that is lively and creative. 

Antique Oak Top

Wood Tops Paired With Your Favorite Dish

Antique Oak Top

Restaurant Tables Cut in Any Size for your Design Specifications

Impressions matter, especially in a restaurant, cafe or bar. Patrons want to go to a place where they feel comfortable and relaxed. The design elements are a big part of the overall experience and can make or break a return customer. Using wooden tops is a great way to create an atmosphere that delights, adding charm and style to the space. With many options available from clean surfaces to rustic as well as color palettes ranging form dark to light and even colorful options mixing and matching within the overall design style is easy.

Walnut top

Stone Counters Compliment The Walnut Island Top

Mixing and matching stone with wood looks great. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and using material that compliment each other is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Whether you chose to use wood for the island and natural stone on the counter tops or vise versa you are sure to create a timeless look that everyone will rave about.

Heart Pine Table

Reclaimed Wood Tables Are An Instant Classic

Walnut Table

Walnut Tables Are Prized For Their Rich Dark Tones

A new twist on a timeless choice. Tables have been constructed using wood for hundreds of years, some are intricate while others are simple and functional. The modern table has come a long ways but the basics remain true. With a focus on the beauty of the wood itself and a minimal design style using simple metal bases puts the emphasis on the top and the wood itself.

Hickory Counter Tops

Reclaimed Hickory Is True Reclaimed Character

Using reclaimed wood is a great choice in a wide variety of settings from rustic to contemporary as well as more traditional spaces. The contrast between clean soft colored cabinets is highlighted by the characteristics of the natural reclaimed texture in the wood. Adding elements that not only look great but also have deep history and a story is also a plus as well as a great conversation piece.  

Heart Pine Table

Perfect For Seating Large Groups

Heart Pine Table

A Place Where The Entire Staff Can Meet

When large groups of people get together to share a meal together or just discuss the weeks events, having a large table is important. Whether it is a conference table or a community seating area at a favorite cafe, a comfortable place to gather is a must. When it comes to material choices there are a few things that should be considered. Probably the single most important is the way it looks and how it will be used. Other factors include it’s durability and how it will hold up. Using wood not only creates a surface that looks great it is also durable and will withstand abuse and use for years to come.

We have many eco-friendly wood products that are available to you when building or remodeling your home or business. Explore some of our most popular products to get some inspiration for your new design. You can also order free samples of all our woods or reach out to our team of specialists to find the wood to fit your needs! We are happy to help answer any of your questions and help you make the best choice for your project. 

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Your next project is just around the corner. Browse our product galleries for more inspiration.