Whitewashed Wood Paneling: Products and Tips For A Great Look

December 21, 2017

Clean and bright, whitewashed wood paneling creates the perfect backdrop in a wide variety of spaces. While there is a lot of imformation on how to whitewash existing wood paneling, what do you do when you want the look, but, don’t have existing wood walls? 

White wood walls are a great way to add texture, depth and character to a room while not being too woody. White stains and treatments come in a variety of tones ranging from pure linen white to more subtle off whites, allowing for a varying degrees of results and white tones.

Another factor to consider is the type and style of wood used as the base material. Lighter woods will end up being more pure white while using a darker wood will help to create contrast and allow the wood to show through the finish and make the grain paternities of the wood paneling more visible. Texture is also an important factor to consider. Whether it is smooth, brushed it raise the grain of the wood or a rustic grade product, the texture will have a pronounced impact on the overall look and feel of the whitewashed effect on the wood.

Whitewashed Wood Paneling

Whitewashed Wood Paneling

While whitewashed wood walls are commonly associated with shabby chic, they can actually be used quite successfully with many design styles from traditional and rustic to very contemporary and modern spaces. Whether used on the walls or ceilings whitewashed wood paneling is bright and light, adding a clean and fresh look to any room.

Whitewashed Wood Paneling Styles

Whitewash Wood Paneling

White Wash Reclaimed Antique Oak

Reclaimed antique oak is sanded smooth and has great character including nail holes and checks. The whitewashed finish is subtle, muting the tone of the wood.

Whitewash Wood Paneling

Sea Salt Reclaimed Antique Elm

The long straight grain pattern found in reclaimed antique elm is enhanced with a consistent and bright white tone adding to the subtle character of the wood.

Whitewash Wood Paneling

Stockholm European White Oak

Wide widths and long lengths add to the scandinavian style whitewash and compliment the live sawn grain, knots and character found in european white oak.

Whitewash Wood Paneling

Cotton Gin Reclaimed Heart Pine

Reclaimed heart pine is structurally brushed to create depth in the wood and is then enhanced with a white finish that accentuates the peaks and allows natural wood to show in the valleys.

Whitewash Wood Paneling

Fresh Powder Rustic Walnut

Light whitewashing hangs up in the rustic character allowing the dark tones of the natural walnut to come through, creating a light dark contrast.

Whitewash Wood Paneling

Aspen Grove Brushed Traditional White Oak

White oak is light and consistent, the well defined grain pattern has been lightly brushed to accentuate and enhance the whitewash color tones.

Whitewash Wood Paneling

White Cloud Reclaimed Antique Douglas Fir

Douglas fir is muted and clean creating a very modern look. Enhanced by the reclaimed character, this is a classic look indeed.

Whitewashed Wood Paneling

Hayloft Reclaimed Rustic Oak

With many creative options and styles available, finding the right whitewashed wood paneling is easier than ever to achieve. Considering the many customizable elements from wood type, character, texture and even the tone of the finish available, there are almost limitless possibilities to choose from.

White finish hangs up in the reclaimed rustic character of the oak creating a surface with natural feeling variations and a modern rustic look.

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