Solid Wood Table Tops For Residential And Commercial Design

January 19, 2018

Make a bold statement with your space using a natural material that will last for generations to come. Wood tabletops are unique and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, but the one thing they typically have in common is their purpose of bringing people together. This gathering can be for creative collaboration in a conference room or for making and sharing memories with family and friends in the dining room. The use of sustainable and reclaimed woods in your design will have a positive impact on the look and feel of the space as well as our environment. This detail is one that almost everyone can understand and appreciate the natural beauty found in these woods as well as the environmental factors of choosing a green product.

The beauty of wood table tops is also found in the timeless design function that they play, wood tops have been and always will be an integral part of our design in both commercial and residential settings. We love the way wood looks and how it has the ability to transform a generic space into something more inviting and functional. Wood has the ability to be anything from ultra modern to farmhouse rustic and that unique flexibility is one of the many reasons wood table tops are so versatile. 

Heart Pine Conference Table

Reclaimed Heart Pine Conference table made for gathering

Rustic Oak Reclaimed Wood Table

Reclaimed Rustic Oak Dining Table Top designed to gather family and friends

In order to make this beautiful community conference table, large heart pine beams were salvaged from a vintage industrial building that was slated for demolition. The heart pine lumber was cut from the interior of these large beams and that’s what makes the material so clean and bright. The growth rings are dense and tight from the old growth forest where these woods grew naturally and the occasional nail hole reminds you of the story behind the table top. 

The reclaimed oak bears the original saw marks from the milling process that took place a century ago and retains the mineral stains from the square cut nails that were used to construct the lumber into a majestic barn in the midwest. The table was crafted with family in mind and gathering together for the holidays.

Traditional Walnut Table Top

Traditional Walnut Table Top

A walnut table was designed and constructed for this residential entertainment space with the idea of being a central space for friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company. The original color tones of the walnut blend flawlessly with the vintage brick and stone that are found throughout this space. It’s this natural beauty found in sustainably sourced walnut that makes it such a prized choice for residential and commercial projects alike. 

Modern Reclaimed Wood Table

Reclaimed Wood Can Be Modern too!

Reclaimed White Oak Table Top

Reclaimed White Oak Makes a statement in this minimalist office space

Reclaimed wood made modern, who knew? Both the heart pine and white oak woods spent the better part of the last 100 years supporting a structure before they were reclaimed and crafted into these beautiful modern tabletops. The woods are referred to as an antique grade and are milled from the interior cuts of beams and dimensional lumber resulting in a refined reclaimed look with natural character and nail holes. 

Mixed Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

Vermont Moonlight Medley Table Tops

The mixed medley or reclaimed woods flow with the fun design of this restaurant and also play a pivotal role in the atmosphere found in the space. The woods add a softer natural surface against the concrete and glass.   

Whether it’s for a commercial setting or a residential home, a solid wood table top made from sustainable and reclaimed woods will last a lifetime and continue to effortlessly impress. 

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